Technology Rental

ANA Technology Rental for Passengers

With ANA, you can rent a variety of devices—including a cell phone, router, PC portable charger and more. On this page, you’ll find more details regarding eligibility, rental procedure and available devices you can choose from for your next flight.

Mobile Rental Devices

At ANA, we provide international mobile phone rental services and unlimited mobile broadband service for rental, Wi-Fi routers and smartphones. For every 100 yen you spend, you will earn one ANA mile. Services are available to passengers traveling round-trip on ANA Group or codeshare international flights with flight numbers starting with "NH.”

Mobile Wi-Fi router
  • Unlimited usage plans available.
  • Has a maximum downlink connection speed of 150 Mbps.
  • Offers peace of mind with a maximum battery life of 20 hours.
  • The Wi-Fi router is small enough to fit inside your hand and provides connectivity for a maximum of 15 devices at any one time.
Mobile phone
  • Free Mobile phone rental.
  • International call services are available.
  • We will choose the most suitable network for the cities you visit.
  • Free incoming calls.
  • SMS services also available within Japan.
Mobile phone
  • Smartphone multifunction.
  • This SoftBank 4G LTE Smartphone comes with Wi-Fi functionality.
  • Calls to numbers in Japan lasting no longer than 10 minutes are free of charge.
  • Compatible with SoftBank Platinum Band.

About This Service

  • If you want to rent a device, please make reservations by 5 p.m. one day before your desired pick-up date (Japan Time).
  • Apply from the Telecom Square site.
    • For details service and usage details, please refer to the Telecom Square website.
  • Simply pickup your device upon departure and return it once you arrive in Narita, Haneda, Kansai, Chubu and/or Fukuoka airports.
    • You will receive a receipt upon your return.

With your rental, you have access to a 24/7 English help desk and back-up phone delivery (anywhere in the world).


ANA Telecom Square Service Center



Monday to Friday hours: 9:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.

Saturday, Sunday and Holiday hours (12/29-1/3): 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

This service is provided by Telecom Square Inc., and the rental agreement for each mobile phone is made between the passenger and Telecom Square Inc. It provides service, collection and management of personal data by Telecom Square Inc. As for personal information protection, follow the policy of Telecom Square Inc.

Laptop Battery Rental

If interested, please note that this service is only available to Business Class passengers.

  • Any Business Class passenger can rent an external battery for use with their laptop during flights operated by aircraft with no in-seat power.
  • The batteries are compatible with laptops from approximately 20 different manufacturers.
  • Note: The number of batteries is limited and this service is not offered on codeshare flights operated by other airlines.

Applicable Routes

Rental Procedure

  • If you wish to use the portable battery, please inform a cabin attendant. The cabin attendant will bring the chart of cable cords.
    • Please confirm that your laptop is listed on the chart of cable cords above.
  • Confirm the battery type (A or B) and plug code number applicable to your laptop.
  • After giving this information to the attendant, he or she will then bring you the appropriate battery and cord.
  • Return the portable battery and cord to a cabin attendant after use.

Note: Depending on the type of laptop, batteries will last approximately six to eight hours.

How to Use the Portable Battery

steps in using portable battery

After selecting the battery and plug-in cord for your laptop, connect the yellow plug on the cord to the battery.

steps in using portable battery

Connect the black plug on the cord to your laptop.

steps in using portable battery

When you have connected the battery to the laptop, the battery is ready to use.


  • You can choose between two batteries: 15V or 20V.
  • The 20V battery will indicate the battery percentage level with three green dots.
    • One dot: Less than 24%
    • Two dots: 75%-25%
    • Three dots: More than 75%

Battery Manufacturer Notes

  • Your laptop will run on both the portable battery and the laptop's own internal battery.
  • Portable battery performance may be adversely affected by low temperatures.
  • Do not short-circuit the terminals (plugs or jacks).
    • Be particularly careful with metal items such as necklaces or tables.
  • Do not spill water or coffee on the portable battery, as this may cause problems or result in damage.
    • Pull out plugs immediately if liquid is spilled.
  • Do not touch portable batteries or plug-in cords with wet hands, as this may cause problems or result in damage.
  • If the portable batteries are dropped or damaged, stop use immediately.
  • If there is any strange smell, overheating, or smoke—switch off the power and disconnect all plugs immediately. Continued use may cause problems or result in damage.
  • Do not use the portable batteries for electrical equipment that consumes more than 2A.
  • Do not use portable batteries with laptops not listed on this chart of cable cords.
    • Inappropriate use may cause damage to your laptop.

If you have any questions or comments about these portable batteries, please contact:


ANA Terms and Conditions

  • Performance cannot be guaranteed for extended viewing of DVDs from an internal drive, burning data to CD-R media, or using external devices that take power from the laptop.
    • This applies to all external devices that connect to a port such as a PS2 port, USB port, IEEE1394 port, or PC card slot, and do not have their own AC adapter or internal battery.
  • You are responsible for the proper use of these batteries according to the terms of use and availability.
  • ANA is not liable in case of inadvertent damage to your laptop resulting from use of portable batteries.