Restricted and Prohibited Items

Items That Are Restricted or Prohibited on Aircraft

Get information on items that are not allowed onboard the aircraft and those with restrictions attached.

Items Not Permitted Onboard Any Aircraft

It is prohibited by law for passengers to check in or carry dangerous goods on board. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Explosives (fireworks, firecrackers, unexploded bombs, etc.)
  • Ignitable/flammable substances (including a large amount of matches or lighter fuel)
  • Camping or household stoves
  • Compressed gas (gas cartridges for gas cartridge stoves, oxygen spray for sports, dust removal spray, etc.)
  • Toxic substances (including insecticides) and corrosive or oxidizing substances (including bleach)
  • Radioactive substances
  • Strongly magnetic materials
  • Smart baggage

Note: Some countries/regions may restrict other items in addition to those listed here.

Please contact ANA by phone as early as possible if you are unsure if an item can be checked in or carried on board.