Applications for K-ETA (System Providing Electronic Travel Authorization Required for Travel to South Korea)

As per the relevant law, we will confirm during check-in whether or not passengers traveling to South Korea have a K-ETA.
In accordance with the instructions from the South Korean authorities, we may prohibit a passenger from boarding an ANA flight if they are of an applicable nationality and do not have a K-ETA.
Please check in advance whether or not you need to obtain a K-ETA. If you do need one, you should complete the necessary application by at least 72 hours before you travel as a general rule.

K-ETA Applications

  • You can make you application on either the official K-ETA website or the K-ETA mobile app.
    Upon making your application, you must register the necessary information (e.g., email address, passport information) and upload a color photo of your face.
    Please note that you will be notified via email of the result of your request for travel authorization within the 24 hours after submitting your application.
    You will also be able to confirm the result on the official website by using your application number.
  • Applicable Passengers
    All nationalities entering South Korea under the visa waiver agreement are applicable.
    • * For the period specified by the Korean authorities, nationals of 22 eligible countries/regions will be exempted from having to acquire K-ETA in advance.
    • * From July 3, 2023, preacquisition of K-ETA will no longer be required for travelers aged 17 and under and 65 years or above.
    • For more information, please check with the KOREA IMMIGRATION SERVICE
  • Handling Fee
    KRW 10,000 (plus tax)
    Only credit card payments are accepted.
  • Period of Validity
    3 years from the date of obtainment (K-ETAs are valid for multiple trips during their period of validity.)

For further details, please see the official K-ETA website.

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