Passport Check

Information Regarding Boarding Gate Passport Checks Performed for International Flights Departing from Japan

As part of new anti-terror measures, passport checks will be performed at the boarding gates of all international flights departing from Japan starting on July 1, 2008 in accordance with guidelines issued by the Japanese Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport.

We kindly ask that all passengers prepare their passport and boarding pass prior to arriving at their boarding gate.

For more details, please refer to the website of the Japanese Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport.

Checking passport and other documents, etc., at the gates of overseas airports

Since December 22, 2005, Japanese immigration rules have been revised, and all carriers including airlines are obliged to check passports.

The passports of passengers departing overseas airports for Japan will be checked not only at check-in, but also at the boarding gate.

Although this may present an inconvenience for passengers, these checks are required by the Japanese authorities.We apologize for any inconvenience caused.