Customers Using a Portable Oxygen Concentrator (POC)

Customers Using a Portable Oxygen Concentrator (POC)


  • The electric power outlets of aircraft seats cannot be used as they do not provide a stable flow of electric power.
  • Recharging external batteries by using the electric power outlet of aircraft seats is not allowed.
  • Please prepare batteries for your portable oxygen concentrator (POC)for a time equivalent to 150% of the expected flight time.
  • Since batteries are categorized as dangerous goods, external batteries (particularly batteries not explicitly recommended by the manufacturer) need to meet the standards stipulated by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism of Japan to be allowed to be carried on board aircraft. If you wish to carry on a battery not explicitly recommended by the manufacturer, please bring the Safety Data Sheet (SDS) with you or inform the ANA Disability Desk about the manufacturer, model number, etc., in advance.
  • For details regarding dangerous goods in carry-on and checked baggage, please refer to the website of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism (Japanese only).
  • If you wish to use a portable oxygen concentrator (POC) while on board the aircraft, you will need to prepare an ANA-designated Medical Information Form in advance.
  • If you bring medical equipment that cannot be stowed under the seat in front of you, you will need to purchase a ticket for an adjacent seat. For more information on baggage size allowed on-board, please refer to Baggage (International Flights).

Using a Personal Portable Oxygen Concentrator

Please notify the ANA Disability Desk about the portable oxygen concentrator (POC) you wish to use on board, its manufacturer, model, size, battery type, etc.
When notifying us, please use the Medical Electronic Equipment Sheet.

Portable Oxygen Concentrators (POC) Allowed on ANA Flights

  • Hi-Sanso Portable α (Teijin Pharma)
  • Hi-Sanso Portable α Ⅱ (Teijin Pharma)
  • Hi-Sanso Portable α Ⅲ (Teijin Pharma)
  • EasyPulse (Precision Medical)
  • ECLIPSE5 Oxygen System (SeQual)
  • eQuinox (SeQual)
  • FreeStyle (Cairemedicaljapan)
  • Focus (Cairemedicaljapan)
  • Inogen One G3 (Inogen)
  • Inogen One G4 (Inogen)
  • Inogen One G5 (Inogen)
  • LifeChoice Activox (Inova Labs)
  • LifeChoice Activox PRO 4L (Inova Labs)
  • SimplyGo (Phillips Respironics)
  • SimplyGo Mini (Phillips Respironics)
  • XPO 2 (Invacare Corporation)

Devices other than those listed above may be used on board if attached with a label indicating in that FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) requirements are met as in the statement below.

(However, the specifications of the batteries need to be confirmed separately.)

  • "The manufacturer of this portable oxygen concentrator has determined this device conforms to all applicable FAA requirements for portable oxygen concentrator carriage and use on board aircraft."

It is a requirement from the viewpoint of safe usage of the equipment on board to observe the following points.

  • No smoking; no open flames within 10 feet (3 m)
  • Keep oil, fat and oil substances, and petroleum products away, and ensure that the oxygen concentrator works properly.
  • Stow the equipment under the seat in front of you, etc., and be seated where other passengers' evacuation routes are not obstructed.
  • Either the customer or their escort must be familiar with device operation and possible failures, and able to respond to malfunction, etc., appropriately.
  • Ensure that spare batteries are insulated (short-circuit protected) to prevent short-circuiting.
  • Bring fully charged batteries for a time equivalent to 150% of the expected flight time. (In consultation with your physician, please calculate the necessary amount of batteries for your POC model to be able to generate the required amount of oxygen "as specified on ANA's designated Medical Information Form (MEDIF)" during the flight.)
Required Documents

Please send the ANA prescribed medical certificate filled out by your doctor to the ANA Disability Desk by e-mail or fax.

Download the Medical Information Form (MEDIF)

Codeshare Flights

Services for codeshare flights with ANA are provided by the operating carrier will apply it. For details, please inquire at the time of the reservation or contact the relevant operating airline directly.

Japan Domestic Flights

The use of personal portable oxygen concentrators (POC) is allowed on board all codeshare flights.

International Flights

For codeshare flights operated by our partner airlines with ANA flight numbers, the regulations of the operating partner airline will apply.

For details, please contact the partner airline operating the flight directly.

(Please note that on most codeshare flights, ANA included, relevant services are not available when the ticket is reserved with the codeshare partner airline's flight number and not the flight number of the operating airline.)

Seat Preferences

cabin seats

Please note that for safety reasons emergency exit row seats are not available for customers who need assistance.

  • Your assigned seat may be changed without prior notice due to changes in aircraft type and other unavoidable reasons.
  • Some Japan domestic fares are not eligible for online advance seat reservation.


Please note that we will check your medical equipment at the check-in counter even if you have notified us in advance.

  • the medical equipment name
  • its manufacturer
  • product name
  • model

Approximate Time of Arrival to the Airport

Please arrive early at the airport in order to have leave.

Japan Domestic Flights

60 minutes prior to the departure time

International Flights

120 minutes prior to the departure time

Pre-Boarding Service

Pre-boarding service is available for passengers who need assistance.

If you wish to use the pre-boarding service, please inform the staff at the boarding gate. Once the aircraft preparations have been completed, you will be allowed to board first. Please note that depending on the flight status, this service may not be apply.

On Board

Our cabin attendants are not permitted to assist customers with handling and operating portable oxygen concentrators (POC) as these are considered medical treatment. We kindly ask the customer or escort to handle and operate the POC.

As the equipment will be stowed under the seat in front of you, it must be of a size that will fit under the seat in front. Also, please prepare a tube with a sufficient length.

You may be asked to remove the carrier from the device.


If you have requested assistance for disembarkation, please remain seated until our staff comes to your seat to escort you off the aircraft. Our staff will escort you by an airport wheelchair to the arrival lobby or to the person who will meet. Please request this service upon making your reservation or contact the ANA Disability Desk to request it instead.


Frequently asked questions about Customers Using a Portable Oxygen Concentrator (POC)

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the ANA Disability Desk.