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Board of Directors and Corporate Executive Officers

as of April 1, 2021


Shinya Katanozaka (President and CEO of ANA HOLDINGS INC.)
Yuji Hirako Chairman of the Board of Directors, Corporate Planning Committee, Safety Promotion Committee, CX Strategy Committee, Internal Audit
Shinichi Inoue Chairman of CX strategy Committee, Sales & Marketing, Customer Experience Management & Planning, Chief Promotion Officer for the Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games
Tatsuhiko Mitsukura Chairman of Safety Promotion Committee, Group IT, Group Human Resource, Chief Safety Officer, Safety Promotion, Corporate Safety Officer, Safety Promotion, Corporate Safety & Quality Audit, ANA Blue Base, Digital Transformation, Employee Relations
Naoto Takada Executive Secretariat, Government & Industrial Affairs, General Administration, Legal & Insurance
Ichiro Fukuzawa Chief Financial Officer, Procurement
Shinichi Abe Group Facility Planning, Facilities
Hideo Miyake Chairman of Operations Committee, Operations Report & Review Committee, Operation Division, Officer for Government Aircraft Operations, Promotion Officer for the Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games
Hideki Kunugi Chairman of Productivity Enhancement Committee, Corporate Planning, Promotion Officer for the Tokyo Olympic and paralympic Games
Katsuo Yokoyama Operation Division, Flight Operations
Toshiaki Toyama Cargo Marketing & Services, President of ANA CARGO INC.
Junichiro Miyagawa Alliances & International Affairs
Emiko Kajita Group Diversity & Inclusion Promotion, ANA Brand Inflight Services Division, Operation Division, Diversity & Inclusion Promotion, Inflight Services, Promotion Officer for the Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games
Hideaki Kuroki Operation Division, Engineering & Maintenance
Yoshiharu Naoki Public Relations, Human Resources, Business Support


Nozomu Kano Audit & Supervisory Board Member
Kiyoshi Tonomoto Audit & Supervisory Board Member
Toyoyuki Nagamine Audit & Supervisory Board Member

Senior Vice Presidents

Shigeru Hattori General Manager, New York
Norihiko Matsuda Operations Management Center
Yohei Ishida General Manager, Narita Airport, President of ANA NARITA AIRPORT SERVICES CO., LTD.
Isamu Eto Employee Relations
Juichi Hirasawa Corporate Planning, Promotion Officer for the Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games
Masaki Yokai Operations Support Center
Tatsuya Endo General Manager, London
Ken Sugiura Kansai Area Airports Management Division, General Manager, Osaka Airport, President of ANA OSAKA AIRPORT CO.,LTD.
Yoichi Katsuoka President of ANA WINGS CO.,LTD.
Junko Yazawa Customer Experience Management & Planning, Asia & Oceania
Naoko Nishijima Inflight Services Center
Kiyoshige Kameda Flight Operations Center
Kimihiro Nakahori Accounting & Business Management
Kohei Tsuji Engineering & Maintenance Center
Shinichi Hayase Government & Industrial Affairs
Yuzo Hara General Manager, China, General Manager, Beijing
Toshihiro Miyamae General Manager, Corporate Safety, Safety Promotion Center
Naoko Hara President of ANA TELEMART CO.,LTD.
Akiko Oyamada General Manager, Tokyo Airport ,President of ANA AIRPORT SERVICES CO.,LTD.
Hidetomo Aramaki Digital Transformation
Hiroyuki Kometani Corporate Planning
Jun Taneie Diversity & Inclusion promotion
Naoki Takayanagi Public Relations