Review of the ANA Group's Human Rights Activities

Advice from the experts

Since 2016, the ANA Group has been organizing annual dialogue with international human rights experts to listen to their views on the ANA Group's activities for ensuring respect for human rights.
In October 2020, we invited three human rights experts from two organizations(Institute for Human Rights and Business*1 , World Benchmarking Alliance*2 ) from abroad to the dialogue, and reported on the progress made by the ANA Group since the last review in October 2019. The experts gave us advice on supply chain management methods and new human rights issues to be aware of within the context of the spread of COVID-19.

  1. *1.Institute for Human Rights and Business (IHRB)
    IHRB is a leading international think tank on business and human rights. IHRB's mission is to shape policy, advance practice, and strengthen accountability in order to make respect for human rights part of everyday business.
  2. *2.World Benchmarking Alliance (WBA)
    Launched by the United Nations Foundation, the British insurance company Aviva, and the Index Initiative, WBA develops benchmarks to rank companies on their contribution to achieving a more sustainable world.