• Safety Initiatives

Safety Initiatives

Safety is the foundation of ANA Group management and maintaining safety is the unequivocal mission of every business of the ANA Group.

The ANA Group Safety Principles

Safety is our promise to the public and is the foundation of our business.

Safety is assured by an integrated management system and mutual respect.

Safety is enhanced through individual performance and dedication.

Safety Principles and
Course of Safety Action

The ANA Group Safety Principles were established for the purpose of defining the rules all executive and non-executive employees should follow when performing their daily duties.
These principles are shared across the ANA Group and serve as the foundation upon which the entire Group pursues safe flight operations.

The Situation with Safety

Safety Culture

The ANA Group continuously strives to foster a corporate culture that will help us achieve our goal of ensuring the highest standards of safety worldwide.

In-Flight Safety Video

Our in-flight safety video is shown before takeoff and provides an explanation about the emergency equipment on board our aircraft. On some aircraft, the cabin attendants give a demonstration on how to use this equipment instead of showing the video. You can also watch the video that is being broadcast when you get off the plane.

Other Safety Initiatives