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Namahage Museum

Namahage of Oga

Namahage of Oga is a folk-cultural event in which people dressed like Namahage and make the rounds in residential areas while scream “Naku-ko wa ine ga?” (Is there any child cry?) and “Namake-mono ga ine ga?” (Is there any lazy people?), on the New Year's Eve. There are some theory about the event meaning, but common theory is that it welcomes deity who turn to bring good luck, good healthy, and good food from mountains and sea for the New Year.

Namahage Museum

At Namahage Museum, where exhibit the Namahage of Oga’s history, 110 pieces of masks and 40 varieties of Namahage masks with total 150 masks which were actually used in various parts of Oga City. The appearance of Namahage with its unique facial expressions handcrafted in each area is a powerful masterpiece.
In the theater hall, the short documentary film, “An evening with the Namahage” will explain the Namahage legend and providing further insight into the people who preserve the spirit of Namahage tradition on New Year.
Also, there is Namahage Costume Booth where anyone can try the costume of Namahage and feel free to take photos.

Oga Shinzan Folklore Museum

The "Oga Shinzan Folklore Museum" which is located next to the Namahage Museum is a traditional Oga Magariya house (private music house). The Namahage event done on every New Year's Eve is reproduced in the Shinzan District. The characteristic of the Namahage event to be held in this district is a dialogue between local residents and the Namahage in Oga dialect. This Namahage event is inherited from generation to generation in this area, and will be passed on future generations.


Detail Information of Namahage Museum
Name Namahage Museum
Web Sites https://www.namahage.co.jp/namahagekan/english/
Address Mizukuizawa, Kitaurashinzan, Oga-shi, Akita
Access Approx. 25 minutes' drive from JR Oga station
Business Hours 8:30 to 17:00 (open all year round)
Inquiries TEL:0185-22-5050
Admission Adults: 540 yen; Elementary to High School Students: 270 yen
Detail Information of Oga Shinzan Folklore Museum
Name Oga Shinzan Folklore Museum
Web Sites (In Japanese) http://www.namahage.ne.jp/~shinzanjinja/entry5.html
Address 97 Mizukuizawa, Kitaurashinzan, Oga-shi, Akita
Access Approx. 25 minutes' drive from JR Oga station
Business Hours 9:00 to 16:30 (open all year round)
Inquiries TEL:0185-33-3033
Admission Adults: 756 yen, Elementary to High School Students: 540 yen

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