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Koiwai Farm

In addition to milk and cheese, other items using Koiwai Farm dairy products such as pizza and soft cream, as well as souvenirs, Genghis Khan Hotpot, etc., are popular. You can also enjoy various activities such as contact with miniature horses, horseback riding experience, sheep shows and shepherd golf. There are plenty to see and to do in winter, such as illuminations and Winter Land.

Koiwai Farm has a history of over 100 years. 21 historical buildings constructed from the end of the Meiji era to the early Showa era are designated as Important Cultural Properties. In addition, "Koiwai Farm's Lonesome Cherry Blossom" is famous for becoming a movie location, beautifully staying throughout the four seasons, with Mount Iwate Fuji in the background.
As well as spring when cherry blossoms bloom, winter also recommend when a lonesome cherry blossoms covered by snow.


Name Koiwai Farm
Web Sites https://www.koiwai.co.jp/makiba/en/index.html
Address 36-1 Maruyachi, Shizukuichi-cho, Iwate-gun, Iwate
Business Hours 9:00 to 17:30 *1
*1 Tickets are sold until 16:30 (may change according to season)
Inquiries TEL:019-692-4321 
Admission Adults: 800 yen; Children: 300 yen
Closed Days Closed on winter facility inspection days *1
*1 For details please visit the homepage.

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