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Tono Furusato Village

A traditional mountain village with these thatched roof magariya houses built after the middle of the Edo period, have been relocated to and restored in this facility, this recreation of the unspoiled landscape of old Tono include a water wheel, rice patties and a charcoal burner’s hut. Amid the bucolic landscape, visitors can try their hand at "Mochitsuki" (pounding rice cakes), "Sobauchi" (making soba noodles), and other activities of a farming village (reservation required), to gain a taste of the traditional culture of the old Japan.

The traditional landscape of Japan was built with the intention of preserving the symbols of Tono's culture and special techniques developed from the time that were used in everyday life. Since the ancient times, Tono had a culture of living with horses under the same giant roof. Even as the times changed from Edo to Meiji, this lifestyle with horses is said to have continued for a long time in Tono, with horses being used to carry goods and plow the fields. The magariya houses have stables, where visitors to Tono Furusato Village can say hi to the friendly on site horses.


Name Tono Furusato Village
Web Sites http://www.tono-furusato.jp/en/
Address 5-89-1 Kamitsukimoushi, Tsukimoushi-cho, Tono-shi, Iwate
Business Hours March to October: 9:00 to 17:00
November to February: 9:00 to 16:00 
Inquiries TEL:0198-64-2300 
Admission Adults: 540 yen; Senior High School, Junior high School and Elementary School Students: 320 yen

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