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Iwachu Nambu Ironware

Iwachu is a theme-park style factory where you can see the production process of Nambu Ironware for over 400 years. While experiencing ups and downs in modernization, Nambu Ironware established with its combination of artistry and practically now also popular overseas. The Ironware Gallery boasts the best selection of prefecture, in which you can purchase your favorite ironware that suits with your preference.

Nambu Tetsubin (Japanese cast-iron kettles) have been produced in the region for about 400 years and the manufacturing methods is still inherited to the present day. There are 65 steps to make an iron kettle and almost all of it are performed by manual works. It is said that it takes at least 15 years to become proficient enough to call oneself an artisan and this is an indication of just how sophisticated the techniques are that go into the work. Inheriting the hopes of their predecessors who have engaged with iron, worked creatively, and honed their skills, their ironware always with the thought that, somewhere out there is a customer who will one day own and use what they have made.

Iwachu Casting Works sells many variant of ironware products, from traditional Nambu Tetsubin as export product, such as frying pans, saucepans and pots in a variety of colors to the other cookware that equipped by electromagnetic stovetops. The hot water boiled in an iron kettle is mild and the water quality recommended for supplementing iron intake. The Nambu Ironware teapots have excellent heat retention, so it will keep your tea warm in the pot. Besides that, they also have smaller items, such as wind chimes and incense burners, so you can find the Nambu Ironware item that suits with your needs.


Name Iwachu Casting Works
Web Sites https://visitiwate.com/article/4748
Address 2-23-9 Minami Senboku, Morioka-shi, Iwate
Access Approximately 30 minutes by bus from Morioka Station to Kawakubo bus stop and continue by 5 minutes' walk
Approximately 15 minutes' drive from Morioka Interchange
Business Hours 8:30 to 17:30
Inquiries TEL:019-635-2505
Admission Free admission
Scheduled holidays Tuesdays, 31 December, 1 January

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