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Yamagata Marugotokan Beninokura

A place for communicating the new attraction and creative creation that takes advantage of the history and culture of Yamagata

A complex facility that offers Yamagata's attractive delicacies with featured the theme of seasonal dishes, sales of regional specialty products, direct sales of agricultural products including traditional vegetables and other produce, events, and tourist information. The souvenir shop, "Agarasshai", offers special products that have been created by the history, culture and tradition of Yamagata.

"Agarasshai" Souvenir Shop

“Agarasshai” is a dialect of Yamagata which means “Please enjoy the meals” or “Please come in”, as an example of hospitality.
Offering Yamagata's delicacies and traditional handicraft to the visitors who come to Yamagata for sightseeing and business as well as for locals. In addition, the 100 years old kura (storehouse) is a valuable space with broad ceiling beams and delicate shoji screens on the windows give a sense of history and offer a glimpse of the glory days when safflower production brought great prosperity to the area.


Name Yamagata Marugotokan Beninokura
Web Sites (In Japanese) http://www.beninokura.com/
Address 2-1-8 Tokamachi, Yamagata-shi, Yamagata
Access Approximately 5 minutes by Beni-chan bus from JR Yamagata Station to Tokamachi Beninokura Mae Bus Stop
Business Hours 10:00 to 18:00
Inquiries TEL:023-679-5104

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