Mandiri Livin' Points

Mandiri Livin' Points is Bank Mandiri's loyalty program in the form of points for transactions made using a Mandiri credit card.
Exchanging Mandiri's Livin'poin into ANA Mileage Club is now made possible.

Mileage Accrual

Mileage Redemption Rate / Increments

  • World Card (Priority) and World Elite
    • Minimum redemption of 10,000 Livin'points = 10,000 miles.
    • * Subsequent exchange of 1,000 Livin'points = 1,000 miles (multipiclation apply) with a maximum exchange of 50,000 Livin'points / month / card. 
    • * For cardholders who apply for an exchange value that exceeds the maximum value, the remainder will be processed according to the following conditions: multiple redemption of 3,000 Livin'points = 1,000 miles.
  • Signature, Signature Golf and Precious cards
    • Minimum redemption of 30,000 Livin'points = 10,000 miles.
    • * Subsequent redemption of 3,000 Livin'points = 1,000 miles (multipiclation apply).
  • Skyz, Platinum, Golf Platinum, Fengshui, and Pertamina
    • Minimum redemption of 40,000 Livin'points = 10,000 miles.
    • * Subsequent redemption of 4,000 Livin'points = 1,000 miles (multipiclation apply).

Maximum Mileage Redemption Limit (Per Year)


Redemption Handling Fee


Mileage Accrual Eligibility

Mandiri Credit Card types:
Skyz, Golf Platinum, Platinum, Fengshui, Pertamina, Precious, Signature, Golf Signature, Kartu Kredit Prioritas, & World Elite

How to Accrue Miles

Mileage Accrual Date

Mileage transfer will require approximately 10 working days after the redemption date.


  • Bank Mandiri has the right to make changes to the above scheme at any time without prior notification.
  • The previous cardholder must have a membership number/card from the ANA Mileage Club to be able to transfer ANA Mileage Club into it.
  • When applying for Mileage redemption, make sure the Cardholder fills in the name according to the name registered on their ANA Mileage Club membership number.
  • Recipients of flight miles must be in the customer's own name, cannot be transferred to someone else's name.
  • Exchange can be done at any time, as long as the cardholder has the minimum amount of Livin'points in question.
  • The process of converting Livin'points to ANA Mileage Club will only be carried out upon request from the cardholder. Will not be done automatically for all existing Livin'points.
  • Mandiri Credit Card is in an active condition.
  • ANA Mileage Club that has been successfully credited to a customer's account cannot be converted back into Livin'points.
  • Valid for customers who hold Skyz, Golf Platinum, Platinum, Fengshui, Pertamina, Precious, Signature, Golf Signature, Priority Credit Cards, & World Elite cards.

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