President Chain Store Corp. (PCSC) was established in 1978 by President Enterprises Corp. (PEC) to introduce 7-ELEVEN stores into Taiwan. Known for its clean, spacious, and bright store front, 7-ELEVEN ignited a revolution in Taiwan's convenience retailing industry. After struggling for seven challenging years, PCSC finally turned loss into gain. With proactive store expansion plans and creative marketing strategies, 7-ELEVEN has consolidated its leadership position among convenience retailers in Taiwan.
Owned by 7-ELEVEN (2004~2013)
ICASH, the 1st generation e-payment, launched in 2004.
ICASH redeem project was started in 2009.
Partnership (2014~now)
Due to government policy, 7-ELEVEN established new subsidiary, ICASH corp., for developing new e-payment business.
Redeem project was renewed to OPENPOINT hold by 7-ELEVEN.
New Redeem: Pay NT$ 1 and earn 1P ; Redeem NT$ 1 for 1P.

Earning Miles

188 OPENPOINTS = 200 Miles

  • * Minimum exchange from 188 OPENPOINTS

Eligible Members

An OPENPOINT member and an ANA Mileage Club member

How to Earn Miles


Apply for OPENPOINT to Mile exchange through OPENPOINT APP.
OPENPOINTS will be deducted at the time of application.


Please refer to OPENPOINT website (Chinese Only) to process miles exhange registration.

FAX: 02-2659-8959

Please provide the information below upon e-mail or Fax to OPENPOINT service center.

  • Your Chinese Name
  • Your Phone Number
  • Your ANA Mileage Club No. (10 digits)
  • Your Family name /given name on passport (must match with name registered on ANA Mileage Club)
  • * Miles will not be credited only with Step 1. You will need to complete Step1 to Step2, for miles to be credited.

Mile Credit Schedule

Your miles will be credited one to two months after Step2.


  • * Once your points redemption has accepted, no cancellation or refund is allowed.
  • * Your miles will not be credited unless you contact OPENPOINT service center for mile earning, by 6 p.m. (Taiwan Local Time) of the redemption expiration date, shown on the redemption receipt issued from ibon. Your OPENPOINT will never return to your OPENPOINT account.
  • * If there are deficiencies in application (inactive ANA Mileage Club No. etc.), your application will be rejected and miles will not be credited.
  • * Activities should be governed by the terms and conditions of the "OPENPOINT" membership. As for rules and limitation of point exchange, please refer to "OPENPOINT" member Specification.


OPENPOINT Service center (Chinese service only)

02-2627-1650 (cell phone)

  • * Open 24hours all year around