Paid Exclusive Dining [International Flights]

This paid in-flight meal service provides an extra touch of luxury on board, and is available on a request basis for customers traveling in Premium Economy or Economy Class.

  • Paid Exclusive Dining requests (for flights from April 10 onward) can be made as of 15:00 JST on April 8, 2019!

Service Details

You can select Paid Exclusive Dining meals (Japanese/Western cuisine) when traveling in Premium Economy or Economy Class on international departures from Japan.
Desserts are provided in collaboration with PIERRE HERMÉ PARIS.
Enjoy your time on board to the full with these beautifully presented meals, which are made with carefully chosen ingredients and seasoned to perfection.


Eligible Customers
Customers traveling in Premium Economy(excluding Honolulu routes) or Economy Class on ANA-operated flights departing from Japan

Eligible Tickets
Tickets with a ticket number beginning with 205

Applicable Classes (Booking Class)
G, E, N, R(excluding Honolulu routes)
Y, B, M, U, H, Q, V, W, S, L, K, X

*This service is not available on flights where only a light meal and drink are served after takeoff (such as late-night flights).
*Not available for reservations made on the Mexico site.


Flights from April to August 2019

Appetizers Main Dishes Desserts
Shrimp and salmon trout
Assorted Capocollo Ham Platter
Boiled Golden Eye Snapper (Japanese Cuisine)
Domestic Beef Hamburger (International Cuisine)
Dessert approved by PIERRE HERMÉ PARIS
Eden yoghurt


JPY 2,500 (per meal)

*Charges will be converted into the currency used on the website for the country or region where the request was made.
*Charges are the same for adult and child passengers.

Application / Payment

How to Apply
You can request a meal when making flight reservations on the ANA website.
(The Apply button will not be displayed if you are not eligible for this service or try to apply outside of the application period.)

Application Period
From ticket purchase until 24 hours prior to departure

Payment Method
Credit card*1 or PayPal*2

*1 Alipay and China UnionPay cards can be used on the China site.
*2 Not available on the China, South Korea, Vietnam, Indonesia, India, or Malaysia sites.

Changes / Cancellations


Changes can be made through the ANA website.

*Changes cannot be made at airport counters.

Deadline for Changes
Until 24 hours prior to the scheduled departure time of the first flight on the itinerary

Change Procedures
1. Please carry out the procedures for changing flights on the ANA website.
2. The Paid Exclusive Dining charge will be refunded.*1
3. Please submit a new Paid Exclusive Dining request for the flights you have changed.

*1 We will notify you by email when your refund has been successfully processed. (Please note that this may take one or two days.)


Refunds cannot be provided after application.
However, if it is within its term of validity and the terms and conditions are satisfied, the EMD (Electronic Miscellaneous Document) issued upon application can be used upon requesting Paid Exclusive Dining for a different travel date.

*This cannot be done at airport counters.

Request Period
Until 24 hours prior to the scheduled departure time of the first flight on the itinerary

Where to Make Your Request
Contact ANA by telephone

Points to Note

・We may be unable to provide your requested meal in the event of a cancellation or delay, or if your flight is changed as a result. In this instance, you will be refunded the service fees you have paid. If you did not apply through ANA, please inquire with the location where you made the request.
・ You may be unable to make a request due to the limited quantity of Paid Exclusive Dining meals available.
・In the case of changing boarding class after the change deadline has passed (e.g., upgrades), the in-flight meal for the new boarding class will be served.
Please note that payments for Paid Exclusive Dining will not be refunded in this instance.