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Sendai Asaichi (Morning Market)

It is about 5 minutes’ walk from JR Sendai Station. Sendai Asaichi (morning market), which is said to be “Sendai’s kitchen”, is full of fresh seasonal vegetables and fruits, fresh fish and processed products of Sanriku that up and the crowds of eating places and many locals who visit for daily shopping. It is "Sendai's Food Theme Park" which can experience, from foodstuffs to traditional food culture.

Sendai Asaichi always resounds with spirited voices, and a somehow nostalgic atmosphere, making it a place where old-fashioned vibrancy lives on. Shopping while chatting with the store keepers is also attractive. Why do not you experience the food culture of Sendai while tasting fresh ingredients?


Name Sendai Asaichi (Morning Market)
Web Sites (In Japanese) http://www.sendaiasaichi.com/
Address 3-8-5 Chuo, Aoba, Sendai-shi, Miyagi
Access Approx. 5 minutes' walk from JR Sendai Station
Business Hours Please contact the facility.
Inquiries TEL:022-262-7173 (Sendai Asaichi Shopping District Promotion Association)

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