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Lake Kinrin

Enjoy Great Nature and "Tyrol of Asia" in Yufu

Lake Kinrin
This is a major destination in Yufuin, where you can enjoy a relaxing time, strolling around the lake and watching the beautiful reflection of the mountains and trees in the water. The lake got its name from Confucian scholar Kuso Mori, who in 1884 happened to see the scales of fish swimming in the lake as they glinted gold under the setting sun, and named the lake Kinrin, meaning golden scales.

Mt. Yufu and a Horse-drawn Carriage
Yufuin in Oita Prefecture is a great place to enjoy not only hot springs but also the magnificent nature for sightseeing.
On the 1,584-meter Mt. Yufu, you can enjoy a horse-drawn carriage ride. This beautiful, noble mountain with double peaks is called "Bungo Fuji (the Mt. Fuji of Oita)" and has been worshipped by locals since ancient times.

Yufu River Gorge

The valley stretches about 12 km, with over 40 waterfalls streaming onto a rock surface. This is called the "Tyrol of Asia" for its natural beauty, which resembles Tyrol in Austria.


Name Lake Kinrin
Address Ōita Prefecture, Yufu, Yufuincho Kawakami
Web Sites https://www.discover-oita.com/en/japan-attractions/yufuin

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