Exploring Saga’s Culture A Journey into the History and Culture of Saga

Experience the good old days in nature-surrounded Saga, where rich traditional culture is still alive

Saga is full of attractive spots where you can feel the Japanese culture very close, such as the potteries, Shinto shrines, sake breweries, onsen (hot springs), tea district, and castle. Take a pottery class, make a wish at a Shinto shrine, and experience history at Karatsu Castle. Take a break at a sake bar or a tea shop, and indulge yourself in a blissful time at one of our onsen inns.

(map) Saga

Kouraku Kiln

Kouraku Kiln is a traditional Arita ware (Aritayaki) pottery founded in 1865 in the town of Arita, where Japanese porcelain originated. From the everyday-use to special occasions, you will find your favorite tableware. Pottery classes are also available.

Yutoku Inari Shrine

Yutoku is one of the three major inari shrines in Japan, enshrining Gods of life in general. Vivid vermilion of buildings is impressive. The shrine is famous for its landscape in four seasons, as cherry blossoms decorate the precinct of the shrine in spring, and autumn leaves astound people in fall.

Sakagura Street in Kashima

Kashima is blessed with plenty of spring water and high-grade rice, and has been a prosperous sake brewing site since the Edo era. Sakagura Street with beautiful white-walled buildings is popular for free sake tasting and sake shopping, specialty sweets made from sake, and sake-brewery tours.

Wataya Besso

Wataya Besso is an onsen inn that stands by the Ureshino riverside. Museum-like picturesque space spreads out in this 6.6 hectare establishment. Enjoy an extraordinary time with cuisine made from local ingredients, in your traditional Japanese-style guest room with an adjoining open-air bath.

Ureshino Tea Tourism

Ureshino is a tea district with a history that stretches back a few hundred years. Experience the unique tea space by joining the Ureshino Tea tour. Tours such as Tea Cycling (Charin) and Walking with Tea (Hocha) will take you to sightseeing spots typical of tea and are highly recommended.

Karatsu Castle

Views of the Genkai Sea and Matsuura Lagoon from the castle tower are stunning. The castle is also known for its splendid nighttime illumination, and cherry and wisteria blossoms are a tourist attraction in spring.

Saga Balloon Museum

Saga is home to the largest balloon festival in Asia, the Saga International Balloon Fiesta. Enjoy a hot air balloon experience in the museum located in a city at any time.

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How to Get There

It takes about 2 hours from Haneda Airport to Saga Airport. The available transportation options within Saga include car rental, motorcycle rental, and taxi.

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