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Hotaruika Museum

Get up close and learn about firefly squids, the mystical phenomenon of Toyama Bay

Hotaruika, or firefly squid, is one of the representative sea creatures of Toyama Prefecture. At the Hotaruika Museum, visitors can learn about the ecology and mysterious habitat of firefly squids through activities including the Luminous Light Live Show and hands-on observation of Toyama Bay creatures at the Spring of Deep Sea Wonders.

Firefly Squid Luminous Light Live Show

The highlight of Hotaruika Museum is the Firefly Squid Luminous Light Live Show, in which visitors can experience up close the dreamlike lights of firefly squids and other deep sea creatures. The showcase of live firefly squids and their mysterious bluish-white illumination in the dark sea is a highly popular program held only during the spring season (late March to late May). In the off-season, images of the firefly squids' illuminations are re-enacted using LED lights. There are also shows featuring the dragon palace firefly, deep-sea light-emitting plankton.

Firefly Squid Boat Tour

Experience firefly squid fishing on the sea before the break of dawn. The fishing season lasts only three months of the year, and the only time the illumination is actually visible is during the one month around April to May, when spring spawning is most active. Watch the predawn Sea of Japan instantly turn into a mystical world of blue lights emitted from the firefly squids caught in off-shore nets, creating pageantry of shimmering lights that can only be seen in Toyama Bay. If the weather is right, you may even be able to see the sun rising in the majestic Tateyama Mountain Range.

Toyama Bay Cruising

Take a relaxing cruise around Toyama Bay, a member of the Club of the Most Beautiful Bays of the World. This 40-minute cruise features stunning views of the Northern Alps with summits over 3,000 meters high, including the famous Tateyama Mountain Range. The cruise ship is named Kirarin, the same name of the mascot of Namerikawa City, and has a 40-passenger capacity.


Name Hotaruika Museum
Web Sites https://hotaruikamuseum.com/en/museum
Address 410 Nakagawara, Namerikawa-shi, Toyama
Business Hours 9:00 to 17:00 (Last admission: 30 minutes before closing time)
Closed Every Tuesday from June 1 to March 19 (if Tuesday is a public holiday, then the following day), year-end and New Year's holidays, three days from the last Monday of January
Inquiries TEL: 076-476-9300 

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