ANA Card Desk

About the Service

This desk is available to customers with an ANA Card (credit card), including family card members. The ANA Card Desk handles reservations for ANA Group-operated flights as well as inquiries regarding mileage and other services.

How to Use This Service

If you are contacting us from a region not listed on this page, please make your inquiry using the relevant number on Contact Information in Each Region and ANA Branch Office to be connected to the Reservation and Customer Service Center in either Japan or the U.S.

Follow the voice guidance and enter your 10-digit ANA Mileage Club membership number and 4-digit AMC PIN to connect to the ANA Card Desk.

Please be aware that the 4-digit AMC PIN is different to your web password (8-16 characters).

Forgotten your AMC PIN?

When calling from Japan


0120-029-747 (toll-free)

0570-029-747 (fixed rate within Japan)

03-6741-6684 (toll call/from overseas)

Please use a toll call when calling from a mobile phone or outside of Japan.

Follow voice guidance instructions
  1. Select 4 for English Service
  2. Select from the service menu
    1. (1) Inquires for General Japan Domestic Flights - Award Reservations
      8:00 AM-8:00 PM (7 days a week / year round)
    2. (2)Inquires for General International Flights - Award Reservations
      24 hours *1 (7 days a week / year round)
    3. (3)Inquires for ANA Mileage Club
      Mon.-Sat. 9:00 AM-5:00 PM
      Closed on Sun., Holidays and New Year Holiday (1/1 - 1/3)
  3. Enter your ANA Mileage Club Membership No. (10 digits)
  4. Enter your AMC PIN*2 (4 digits)

Outside of business hours, calls will be answered by an Automatic Voice Response System.

  • *1.
    Calls may be connected to offices outside of Japan.
  • *2.
    If you do not know your PIN, you can verify via ANA website, or call the ANA Card Desk and select prompt option number 3 for mileage inquiries.
Membership Number authentication service by calling from cell phone number

When using a pre-registered cell phone to call the ANA Card Desk your Membership No. will be automatically retrieved and authenticated based on your mobile phone caller ID.

  • * When calling, please ask for "Caller ID Setting".
  • * To access, you will need to enter your AMC PIN (4 digits).

Go to cell phone number authentication service registration page (Information will be available only in Japanese.)

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