AIRDO Codeshare Information

For code-share flights operated by partner airlines' aircraft and crew members, airport procedures and in-flight services vary according to the standards of each airline. Please check the following information when using a code-share flight.
* ANA's Conditions of Carriage apply when boarding ANA flights (including code-share flights).

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AIRDO (HD) Flight Information

Service Description
Check-in Check in online or at the ANA check-in counter. (International connections are handled at the international transit counter.)
Seat Selection Same as ANA operated flights (seat selection timing may be different).
Confirmation of
flight number
Flights will be displayed as ANA flights on boarding passes. Airport information displays will use ANA/ADO.
Minimum Transit
Same as ANA operated flights
Baggage (Carry-
on Baggage)

Carry-on Baggage Requirements
The following is the carry-on baggage limit per passenger (excluding infants who do not use seats).
Number---1 piece, in addition to personal items such as handbags and umbrellas.
Weight---Within 10kg
Size--- The total of the 3 sides should not exceed 115 cm, with the length, width, and height not exceeding 55 cm × 40 cm × 25 cm respectively.

However, carry-on baggage must be safely stored in the overhead bins or under the seat in front of you.

ANA Premium members (customer and accompanying passengers), ANA Card Premium members (customer) and Star Alliance Gold members (customer and accompanying passengers) can use the lounge when their boarding pass has an ANA flight number. Please present your premium status card and boarding pass that allows you to confirm your flight at the lounge reception.
Cabin attendants Only Airdo cabin attendants will be on board.
In-flight services We offer free services such as hot coffee and soup.
Please enjoy the ANA in-flight magazine "Wingspan".
Other in-flight services are provided according to AIRDO's standard.
(In-flight sales are not eligible)
All seats are non-smoking.

Applicable only when boarding with an ANA flight number. Members of partner companies are eligible for mileage earning and award use as ANA flights.

* Please note that priority boarding is not available on flights operated by AIRDO.

For Customers with Disabilities

For the following customers, please contact the ANA Consultation Desk for Customers with Disabilities after making a reservation. (There may be instances when you are unable to board a flight operated by AIRDO).

  • Customers who are severely injured, customers who have difficulty walking alone, customers who use electricchairs, customers who are visually impaired (when a blind customer is boarding alone), or customers who require a medical oxygen cylinder.
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