Vancouver International Airport

Traveling to and from Vancouver International Airport

On this page, you will find the information you need to easily make your way through Vancouver International Airport and to your destination.

Guide to Vancouver International Airport

Arrival and departure terminal maps and other information for navigating Vancouver airport.

Arrival Terminal

Arrival map of Vancouver airport
Airport Map Information

Flights operated by ANA arrive on the 2nd floor of Vancouver’s International Terminal. On that floor, there are Immigration booths, baggage claim area, and counter number 35, where special items, such as oversize baggage, sports equipment and baby strollers, are returned.

After passing through Customs, go to the 3rd floor (domestic departures). There also are information counters, a currency exchange booth, a baggage counter and elevator for passengers connecting to Air Canada flights, and a counter for passengers connecting to WestJet Airlines.

On Arrival

Upon arrival, all passengers should present your passport, Immigration card, and any required entry documents. See the Special Guidance tab on this page for special Immigration rules for passengers entering Canada from abroad.

Special Travel Rules for Children

Children Under Age 5

Canadian law requires that children under age 5 be accompanied by a person age 16 or older. The child will not be permitted to board if the presence of an accompanying passenger cannot be confirmed.

Children Under Age 14

Canadian regulations require every effort by airlines to facilitate assignment of seats to keep kids under 14 in proximity to their adult travel companions. The proximity of the seats depend on the child's age.

Departure Terminal

Departure map of Vancouver airport
Airport Map Information

On the 3rd floor of the International Terminal, you will ANA check-in and ticketing counters, security and the priority security lane. After passing through security, you can visit the Plaza Premium Lounge.

ANA Mileage Club members and others may access the airport lounge in anticipation of departure. Get details on the Vancouver airport lounge.

Fast Track Security Screening

Some travelers are eligible for Fast Track Security Screening. Travelers should look for the Fast Track signs.

Eligible Travelers

  • Business class
  • Diamond service members
  • Platinum service members
  • Super Flyers members
  • Star Alliance Gold members


Transfer from ANA to other airlines (domestic flights)

After going through Immigration and baggage claim, proceed to Customs past the Canada Connection display. Submit your Customs Declaration Form, then check-in your baggage at the Baggage conveyor of Air Canada. Then go up to the 4th floor and proceed to the Air Canada connecting counter.

After completing the arrival procedures, proceed to the 3rd floor to the "Canada Flights" area, then go to the check-in counter of the connecting airline.

  • The connecting counter of WestJet Airlines is located at the International Arrival Lobby (on the 2nd floor).
Transfer from ANA to other airlines (international flights)

Connecting to the U.S.

If your bags were checked through to the final destination—indicated on the luggage tags—you do not have to pick them up at Vancouver Airport. Please follow the sign for USA Connections.

  • The airport staff will provide a disembarkation form for those traveling to the U.S. Please completely fill out before arrival.
  • If check-in is necessary, please do so by either using an automated check-in machine or at the transfer desk. Once you go through security, proceed to Customs and passport control for the U.S.. Once you’re through that, go to the boarding gate for your connecting flight.
  • If the departure of your connecting flight is 8:31 p.m. or later, please follow the instructions for connecting to flights other than the U.S.

Connecting to flights other than the U.S.

If your bags were checked through to the final destination—indicated on the luggage tags—you do not have to pick them up at Vancouver Airport. Please follow the sign for International Connections.

  • Present your passport and Customs Declaration Form for Canada at the connecting inspection site. Then, proceed to the boarding gate for your connecting flight.
Transfer from other airlines to ANA (domestic flights)

Follow the signs for International Connections, then proceed to the boarding gate with your boarding pass.

Transfer from other airlines to ANA (international flights)

Follow the signs for International Connections. Please present passport, Customs Declaration Form and boarding pass at the connecting inspection site. Then, follow the signs to the designated boarding gate.

Instructions for Vancouver International Airport

Before Traveling to Canada

What you need to know about special requirements for travelers entering Canada.

Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) Application for Entry into Canada

All visa-exempt foreign nationals traveling to Canada must obtain Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA). This applies to those visiting Canada and those entering an airport in Canada for transit to other countries. You must have the eTA when checking in for any flight to Canada.

Customers Who Require an eTA

Non-Canadian or U.S. citizens who do not require a visa to enter Canada must obtain an eTA number before entering the country by air.

  • Travelers entering Canada by land or sea do not require an eTA.

Permanent residents of Canada do not need an eTA when entering Canada by air, but you must carry your Canadian permanent residency (PR) card or your permanent resident travel document (PRTD) with you. Failure to have it could result in being barred from your flight bound for Canada.

Permanent residents of the United States are required to have an eTA to enter Canada by air and to carry your Green Card with you.

  • You will not need an eTA if you enter Canada by land or sea.

International Students/Temporary Workers from countries where an eTA is required must apply for an eTA if they are planning to travel by air from and return to Canada by air.

How to Apply

Complete the application for an eTA here: eTA Application Site

  • There is a $7 CAD fee.
  • You will be notified by email if you have been approved.

Although it is possible to apply for an eTA immediately before traveling to Canada, the Canadian government recommends completing the application when you begin making your travel plans.

  • The eTA is valid for five years.
    • If your passport is due to expire within five years, your eTA will remain valid until the expiration date on your passport.
    • You may re-enter Canada as many times as you wish within the period of validity of your eTA.
Primary Inspection Kiosks

The Vancouver Airport is equipped with primary inspection kiosks to save you time going through Customs and Immigration. You can save even more time by completing your declaration in advance using the eDeclaration mobile app. For more on this, visit Canada Border Services Agency.

Paperwork may be required for travelers under 18 entering Canada, whether traveling with others or unaccompanied. For details, see the Official Website of Canada Embassy.

Enhanced Baggage Inspections

The Canada Transportation Security Administration may open some checked bags for a physical inspection if there is something suspicious detected in the bag.

  • Locked bags may be opened forcibly by security inspectors without the owner or the operating airline being informed.
  • ANA will not be liable for any damage (including damaged locks).
  • High-value items should be packed in carry-on baggage.
  • Be aware that the enhanced security equipment could damage undeveloped film. You should store film in your carry-on bag.
  • Please do not pack camera film in checked baggage, as the enhanced security equipment being used for security might damage them. They should be brought into the cabin as carry-on baggage.