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Umihotaru Parking Area (Tokyo Bay Aqua-Line)

Umihotaru, a parking area and shopping mall in one with a superb view

Tokyo Bay Aqua-Line is a toll road that crosses the center of Tokyo Bay, connecting Kisarazu with Kawasaki on the opposite shore in just 15 minutes. Located in the middle of the Tokyo Bay Aqua-Line, Umihotaru is a multi-function parking area that serves as an information center and gateway for the Keihin and Chiba areas in addition to various shops and restaurants.

Enjoy shopping and dining, and relaxing at the free rest area that is worth a visit

Built to resemble a luxury cruise ship floating in Tokyo Bay, Umihotaru's five-story building consists of parking lots on the first to third floors, and commercial facilities such as restaurants and souvenir shops on the fourth and fifth floors. The free rest area on the fourth floor is glass-sided with an incredible view of the ocean, where you can gaze at the crossing ships, airplanes and a beautiful sunset. At the shops, look for a variety of Boso area specialties, famous confections, and accessories only available here, including locally grown peanuts, the famous mackerel burger, clam buns, and Umihotaru pudding baum cake. There is also a free foot bath for soaking and relaxing while enjoying the ocean view.

Viewing deck

Surrounded by 360 degrees of water, the viewing deck on the fifth floor of Umihotaru offers stunning scenery of Tokyo Bay including Mount Fuji, Tokyo Skytree, airplanes and ships. There are 13 telescopes placed throughout, so you can enjoy the beautiful view while feeling the ocean breeze. In addition, various photo props such as a globe are available for taking photos with the sea in the background. With advance reservations, you can have a photo taken by a professional photographer.

Tokyo Bay Aqua-Line Behind-the-Scenes Adventure

Join the Tokyo Bay Aqua-Line Behind-the-Scenes Adventure tour and explore the rare backsides of the Aqua-Line. The guide takes you on foot from the undersea tunnel entrance to the emergency evacuation passage while giving intriguing explanations. You can also see the actual cutter face that was used to excavate the undersea tunnel and a video documenting the construction. Duration is around 1.5 hours and requires online reservations.


Name Umihotaru Parking Area (Tokyo Bay Aqua-Line)
Website https://www.umihotaru.com/en/
Address Nakajimachisaki, Kisarazu-shi, Chiba
Access Approximately 10 minutes' drive from the Ukishima IC on the Tokyo Bay Aqua-Line
Approximately 5 minutes' drive from the Kisarazu Kaneda IC on the Tokyo Bay Aqua-Line
Business Hours Facility open 24 hours, shop operating hours vary depending on the shop.
Inquiries TEL: 0438-41-7401 (Umihotaru Parking Area)
Admission Toll fee for Aqua-Line required

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