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Okuhida Hot Springs Village

Visiting Okuhida Hot Springs in Gifu: Get Your Fill of the Scenery of Shinhotaka Ropeway and Hirayu Great Falls

When sightseeing in Okuhida Hot Springs in Takayama City, Gifu Prefecture, you should plan out your trip so as to make the most of the area’s abundant nature - gaze over the scenery from Shinhotaka Ropeway, and behold the breathtaking scenes created by the Hirayu Great Falls. The open-air baths are the pride of Okuhida Hot Springs - it’s said the area has the largest number of them in Japan. Get in, sit back, and enjoy the view of Okuhida’s seasonal scenery to relax both body and mind.
Okuhida Hot Springs is a term encompassing five hot springs nestled in the Northern Alps - Hirayu, Fukuji, Shin-Hirayu, Tochio, and Shin-Hotaka. The area attracts many local and international tourists who are seeking out high-quality hot springs surrounded by abundant, changing seasonal nature of the mountains, with fresh greenery in early summer, autumn foliage in fall, and snow in winter.

Shinhotaka Ropeway is located in Okuhida Hot Springs Village’s most remote corner, the Shin-Hotaka Hot Springs area. Two ropeways interconnect, and you can climb to a maximum of 2,156 meters. Step out onto the observation deck connecting to the final stop, Nishihotakaguchi Station, breathe the crisp, fresh air and lay your eyes on the magnificent panorama of the Northern Alps that unravels before your very eyes, with peaks such as Mount Yari, Mount Kasa, and Mount Nishihotaka. The station also serves as a gateway to climb mountains such as Mount Nishihotaka, attracting hikers and mountain climbers in summer.

The Hirayu Great Falls is located in Hirayu Hot Springs, the gateway to Okuhida Hot Springs Village. The waterfall boasts an imposing stature of 64 meters in height and 6 meters across. The surrounding trees transform throughout the four seasons, with each season showing the falls in a different light.
During the deep winter from early January to late February, the waterfall completely freezes over, transforming into a magical shape that takes away the breath of all who behold it. There’s also a "Hirayu Great Falls Ice Festival" held from February 15 to 25, where the waterfall is cast with enchanting lights in the night. Warm drinks are served, visitors can try pounding mochi rice cakes, and there are performances of traditional arts.

The best ways to enjoy winter in Okuhida Hot Springs Village are gazing out over the pure white snow-covered mountains while relaxing in an open-air bath and going to the events held around the village. When the snow starts to build up in late December, a variety of winter events are held in the village’s five hot springs areas under the name “Okuhida Fuyu Monogatari" (Okuhida Winter Story).
Warm up, relax, and enjoy the area - Feast your eyes on magical light up events and pure white show glittering in night-time illuminations. Visit events you could only find in snow-covered lands such as "Kamakura Festival", a snow hut festival. Watch local performing arts at each venue, and warm up at on-site bazaars.


Name Okuhida Hot Springs Village
Web Sites https://www.okuhida.or.jp/en/
Address 1689-3 Okuhida-Onsenkyo Murakami, Takayama-shi, Gifu
Access Approximately one hour by route bus from Takayama Station
Inquiries TEL:0578-89-2614 (Okuhida Hot Springs Village Tourism Association)

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