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Ikaho Onsen

"Tastes of JAPAN by ANA" is a regional vitalization project that collaborates with the different prefectures in Japan to present the Land of the Rising Sun in all of its diverse glory.

One of Gunma's best hot spring resorts centered around beautiful stone steps

A quaint town surrounding 365 stone steps stretching 300 meters, Ikaho Onsen is one of Gunma's most famous hot spring resorts. At the top of the stone steps are the Ikaho Shrine and the Kajika Bridge, renowned for its stunning autumn foliage scenery. Enjoy bathing in two types of hot springs; the golden Kogane-no-Yu and clear Shirogane-no-Yu, and don't miss out on the delicious onsen manju steamed buns, which originated here in Ikaho and spread throughout Japan.

Kajika Bridge

Climb up the 365 stone steps, the same number as the days of the year, and further past Ikaho Shrine is the famous Kajika Bridge. The gently arched bridge colored in red lacquer offers an especially stunning view during the autumn foliage season. Every year during this season from mid-October to mid-November, the bridge is illuminated at night, attracting many visitors to Ikaho. In the early summer as well, the stunning contrast of the red bridge and fresh greenery creates another sight to behold.

Mizusawa udon noodles

Gunma Prefecture is a producer of quality wheat used in the making of udon noodles. Delicious udon can be enjoyed all around the prefecture, and Mizusawa udon found at Ikaho Onsen and the surrounding areas is considered one of the best three udon of Japan along with Sanuki udon of Kagawa Prefecture and Inaniwa udon of Akita Prefecture. Made only with clean spring water, high-quality wheat, and carefully selected salt, Mizusawa udon is thick with a firm texture and almost translucent in appearance. It is typically enjoyed in the zaru-udon style, chilled and served on a bamboo basket or mat.

Onsen manju steamed buns

The freshly steamed soft buns stuffed with sweet red bean paste are the staple of hot spring resorts. While they can be found all over Japan now, the birthplace of this delicious sweets is said to be Ikaho Onsen. Enjoy a hot onsen manju as you stroll around the quaint hot spring town.


Name Ikaho Onsen
Web Sites http://ikaho-kankou.com/en/
Address Ikaho, Ikaho-cho, Shibukawa-shi, Gunma
Access Approximately 25 minutes' bus ride from Shibukawa Station on the JR Joetsu Line
Approximately 20 minutes' drive from Shibukawa-Ikaho IC on the Kanetsu Expressway
Inquiries TEL: 0279-72-3151 (Tourism Association of spa Shibukawa Ikaho)

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