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Ryokan Zaborin

Zaborin is a prestigious inn where you can enjoy the wonderful natural surroundings of Niseko to your heart's content. Situated in Kutchan Town in the district of Abuta in Hokkaido, this ryokan offers only a few guestrooms in order to provide each guest with highly attentive and solicitous hospitality. Guests can also enjoy dining on the seasonal delicacies of Hokkaido.

The 15 rooms offer an exclusive stay and detailed and careful service for each guest.
Japanese-style rooms and Western-style rooms here have simple yet refined atmospheres and guests are free to choose according to their preferences.

Hokkaido is known for its rich culinary culture.
At Zaborin, they prepare the "Kita-Kaiseki" course menu using seasonal ingredients of Hokkaido.
Please enjoy dishes that exhibit the finesse of the chefs, who are the expert of emphasizing the richness of the ingredients.


Name Ryokan Zaborin
Address 76-4 Hanazono Kutchan-cho Abuta-gun Hokkaido
Web Sites https://zaborin.com/en/
Number of rooms 15

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