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Kashima-Jingu Shrine

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A shrine dedicated to the deity of martial arts bestows luck in facing challenges in this historic power spot in Ibaraki Prefecture

Kashima-Jingu Shrine is dedicated to Takemikazuchi-no-Okami, the Shinto god associated with the founding of Japan and martial arts. Several of its structures including the shrine buildings are designated as important cultural properties of Japan. As the head shrine of approximately 600 Kashima Shrines throughout Japan, Kashima-Jingu is known as the ultimate power spot for praying to the god of victory for the strength to overcome obstacles and keep going forward during a turning point in life.

Main shrine hall with an air of solemnity

The four shrine buildings including the main hall were built in 1619 by Hidetada Tokugawa, the second shogun of the Edo period (1603-1868). The main hall is said to hold the divine breath of Nigimitama, the peaceful soul of the victory god Takemikazuchi-no-Okami who was known for his unparalleled strength and negotiation skills to overcome obstacles and keep going. You may also be welcomed by the deer freely roaming about, believed to be the messengers of the gods.

Inner shrine hall with a rustic strength

Despite the simple plain wooden structure, the inner shrine hall sets a bold tone with the Momoyama period engravings from the late 1500s. It is the oldest of the shrine buildings on the premises and designated as an important intangible cultural asset. It enshrines the Aramitama, the rough soul of Takemikazuchi-no-Okami, and is also known as a power spot to convey victory and energy, bestowing the courage to stride forward and actively open the way for those who are taking on a new challenge with a fresh start.

Beautiful red lacquered Romon gate

At the entrance of the shrine buildings stands the Romon gate built in 1634, considered one of the best three of such gates in Japan. Constructed by Yoshimasa Sakagami, a master carpenter of the Sakagami artisan family dating back to the Kamakura period (1185-1333), the beautifully structured gate is not only an important component of the shrine buildings, but also a valuable reference in the history of artisanal architecture. Wholly lacquered in gorgeous red color, the strikingly bold gate seems to represent the power encompassed in the sacred shrine.


Name Kashima-Jingu Shrine
Web Sites https://english.ibarakiguide.jp/kanko-spot/kashima-jingu-shine
Address 2306-1 Kyuchu, Kashima-shi, Ibaraki
Access 10 minutes' walk from Kashima-Jingu Station on the JR Kashima Line
15 minutes' drive from Itako IC on the Higashi-Kanto Expressway
Inquiries TEL: 0299-82-1209

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