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Chikubu Island

Chikubu Island on Lake Biwa, known as "Island of the Gods" since ancient times

The small island only about two kilometers in circumference has attracted people's faith from ancient times with Hogon-ji Temple, one of the Three Greatest Shrines of Benzaiten (goddess of art), and Tsukubusuma Shrine. There are also many historical buildings designated as national treasures and Important Cultural Properties. The entire island is cloaked in a mysterious atmosphere befitting the name "Island of the Gods."

One of Japan's greatest power spots where wishes come true

Among the many highlights of the island are the beautiful Karamon (Chinese-style gate) of the national treasure Hogon-ji Temple, the main hall of Tsukubusuma Shrine and the Kannon Hall, which is an Important Cultural Property. At Tsukubusuma Shrine, a section jutting into Lake Biwa is called Ryujin Haisho (place of prayer for the dragon god). There is a ritual in which persons write their name and a wish onto earthenware (kawarake) dishes and toss them toward a torii gate. Should both dishes pass through the torii gate, it is said that one's wish will come true.


Name Chikubu Island
Website https://en.biwako-visitors.jp/spot/detail/2472
Address Chikubu-shima, Hayazaki-cho, Nagahama-shi, Shiga
Access Approximately 30 minutes by ferry from Nagahama Port
Approximately 30 minutes by ferry from Omi-Imazu Port
Inquiries TEL: 0749-65-6521 (Nagahama Tourism Association)

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