SHIKOKU Driving Tourism with ANA

Where is Shikoku?

Shikoku is the smallest island to the west of Japan, and as the name suggests, "Shi" meaning four and "koku" meaning region or country, Shikoku is made up of 4 prefectures - Ehime, Kagawa, Kochi, and Tokushima. With ANA, you can quickly and easily fly to any part of Shikoku; an 85-minute flight from Tokyo, a 65-minute flight from Nagoya, or a 50-minute flight from Osaka! On arrival in Shikoku, you can also rent a car and travel around Shikoku using one of three exclusive travel routes created by ANA. Route 1 has a total mileage of 360 km, Route 2, the longest of the three, is 600 km and Route 3 is 500 km, each route has its stops and adventures, the best way to explore Shikoku while driving.

Tokyo to Shikoku-85min, Nagoya to Shikoku-65min, Osaka to Shikoku-50min