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Toyama Castle

Samurai Experience at Toyama Castle Park where Toyama Castle stands still

Toyama Castle Park that covers the grounds of the former Toyama Castle is a popular spot for cherry blossom viewing in spring. Rebuilt in 1954, the current castle standing at the corner of the park is now home to the Toyama Municipal Folk Museum. The entire area is imbued with the samurai spirit. Samurai armor can be rented at the information center located within the park, so prepare yourself to become a real samurai.

Toyama Castle and Toyama Municipal Folk Museum

The current Toyama Castle is a castle keep reconstructed in 1954, but the castle’s walls and moats that remain in the park still exude the same dignity from ancient times. Inside the castle is the Toyama Municipal Folk Museum where you can learn about the castle’s history spanning over four centuries in detail through models and videos. The observation deck on the fourth floor lets you feel the actual size of the castle 400 years ago, which was about six times larger than the current park.

Sato Memorial Art Museum

Located within the park, the Sato Memorial Art Museum opened in 1961 with the support from late Sukekuro Sato who was an entrepreneur and a tea master from Tonami City in Toyama. The museum contains two rooms that were moved from the Sato family residence: One is the hall made entirely of hinoki Japanese cypress tree and the other is the tearoom. The museum houses an extensive art collection dedicated mainly to oriental art such as old ceramics from Japan, China, and Persia as well as Japanese modern paintings, which are open to the public about four times a year through exhibitions.

Matsukawa River Cruises

The Matsukawa River that flows around Toyama Castle Park is a relic of the old Jinzu River, which once served as a natural moat for the protection of the castle. Alongside the river are cherry trees lined up for about 2.5 kilometers, making it one of Japan’s top 100 cherry blossom viewing sites. The boat departs from Matsukawa Chaya, a teahouse by the Shiokura Bridge, and sails through the river for about 2.4 kilometers. You can listen to the cruise captain talk about the history of Toyama while enjoying a relaxing moment surrounded by the gorgeous seasonal views during the 30-minute round-trip.


Detail Information of Toyama Castle
Name Toyama Castle
Web Sites https://www.toyamashi-kankoukyoukai.jp/en/?tid=201238
Address 1-62 Honmaru, Toyama-shi, Toyama (within Toyama Castle Park)
Inquiries TEL: 076-432-7911 (Toyama Municipal Folk Museum)
TEL: 076-432-9031 (Sato Memorial Art Museum)
Detail Information of Matsukawa River Cruise
Name Matsukawa River Cruise
Web Sites https://matsukawa-cruise.jp/en/
Address 1-34 Honmaru, Toyama-shi, Toyama (Matsukawa Chaya)
Inquiries TEL: 076-425-8440 (Reservation center/office)

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