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A beautiful landmark of Kiyosato Highlands in the foothills of Mount Yatsugatake with a view toward Mount Fuji

Seisen-Ryo is a comprehensive tourism facility surrounded by the lush forests and pastures of Kiyosato Highland. Centered around the Seisen-Ryo accommodations, there are various facilities such as nature trails and a farm where visitors can enjoy the natural beauty and dine and snack. Seisen-Ryo is truly a landmark of Kiyosato Highlands, having been part of the area's development history since its beginning. Enjoy taking part in many events and festivals held every season, and be sure to taste the famous soft ice cream!

Seisen-Ryo Jersey Hut

Anyone who knows Seisen-Ryo would recommend the rich soft ice cream made from home-grown organic jersey milk. At Jersey Hut, you can enjoy this delicious treat in addition to freshly baked bread, such as milk bread as well as shop for souvenirs only available here. There is also a milk bar offering fresh milk from the Seisen-Ryo farm and light meals using generous amounts of local produce. From the observatory terrace in front of the shop, take in the amazing view of the expansive pasture land, Mount Fuji and the Southern Alps. There is even a free foot bath, so you can relax and enjoy Yatsugatake to the fullest.

Paul Rusch Memorial Museum

Dr. Paul Rusch is revered to this day as the father of Kiyosato for his role in leading the devastating post-war Japanese farming village to democratic recovery. The memorial museum widely introduces his philosophy of "Service to Others" through displays of the home he spent his final years in, as well as various materials documenting his accomplishments, giving deep insight into the state of Kiyosato at the time and Dr. Rusch's dedication to his works. It was Dr. Rusch who first introduced American football to Japan, and the Japan American Football Hall of Fame is also established alongside the museum.

Yatsugatake Nature Center

Visitors of all ages can have fun learning about the natural wonders of Kiyosato Highland and Yatsugatake through the guidance of the center's rangers. Participate in various activity programs during weekends and summer holidays such as a mini-guided walk through the forest. Exhibitions with a different theme every month are also held. Put on the free rental binoculars and boots, and step out into the great outdoors!


Name Seisen-Ryo
Website https://www.seisenryo.jp/en/
Address Seisen-Ryo 3545 Kiyosato, Takane-cho, Hokuto-shi, Yamanashi
Access Approximately 5 minutes by taxi from Kiyosato Station on the JR Koumi Line
Approximately 30 minutes' drive from the Sudama IC on the Chuo Expressway
Approximately 20 minutes' drive from the Nagasaka IC on the Chuo Expressway
Business Hours Differs depending on the facility. Please see the website for details.
Closed Open all year round
May differ depending on the facility. Please see the website for details.
Inquiries TEL: 0551-48-2111 (Seisen-Ryo Front Desk)
Admission Differs depending on the facility. Please see the website for details.

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