ANA Blue Academy: Next-Generation Education Program

The ANA Blue Academy is an ANA Group hands-on, next-generation education program.
The program fosters an ability for children to explore their own futures through unique experiences, providing opportunities for the younger generation to consider the kind of future they will create with others.
In fiscal 2017, the ANA Group launched the Mirai Tsukuru career education program inspiring children to dream and think about their future.
In fiscal 2019, the group launched a new Tomoni Tsukuru program. This program, themed on diversity, uses blind soccer as a platform for considering the type of society we want to build in 2020 and beyond and values that welcomes all people.
Under the Mirai Tsukuru program, ANA Group pilots, cabin attendants, aircraft mechanics, ground staff, and ground handling staff serve as instructors, sharing insights from their work and on-the-job experiences. These exchanges help children learn the importance of having and striving to follow their dreams.
Under the Tomoni Tsukuru program, the ANA Group offers a program developed in cooperation with the Japan Blind Football Association to deepen understanding about disabilities. At the same time, this program helps participants experience the effectiveness of talking and considering the standpoint of other people, learning the importance of communication.
The ANA Group is proud to contribute to the education of future generations through the ANA Blue Academy.

Reduction of Food Loss

Food loss in Japan exceeds more than 6 million tons annually. This is equivalent to an estimated 1,700 trucks (10-ton trucks) of food being wasted every day.
ALL NIPPON AIRWAYS TRADING Co., Ltd. donates the beverages and food unsold on domestic flights to Second Harvest Japan, contributing to reduced food loss. Reducing food loss in this way also reduces the impact on the environment.

Gifting Lilies of the Valley to Patients Throughout Japan

The 65th Annual Lilies of the Valley Event

The 65th Annual Lilies of the Valley Event was held during 2020. This ANA Group social contribution activity has been held every year since 1956.
In cooperation with the Japanese Red Cross Society, the ANA Group delivers flowers (Lilies of the Valley, representing happiness) to Red Cross Society hospitals and related facilities throughout Japan.
In addition to these flowers, sourced from the outskirts of Chitose City, Hokkaido, hospital patients also receive flower-scented bookmarks.

Cooperation with the Central Community Chest (Red Feather)

The ANA Group provides public relations and donation campaign support to Central Community Chest of Japan.
Providing support for fund raising since 1962, the ANA Group marked its 58th year of support for the organization in 2019.
On September 30, 2019, the ANA Group received a letter and a red feather from the Minister of Health, Labour, and Welfare and the executive director of the Central Community Chest. ANA cabin attendants delivered these letters and red feathers on October 1 to governors, mayors, and chairs of local Red Feather fund raising committees throughout Japan on special flights designated as Red Feather First Flights.
Between October 1 and December 31, ANA operated 20 aircraft liveried with the Red Feather logo. In addition, the ANA Group used its domestic network to help raise funds, including placing Red Feather collection boxes at domestic airport ticket counters and in ANA FESTA airport shops.
The ANA Group will continue to pursue social responsibility as defined in the ANA’s Way, actively engage in social contribution activities such as the Central Community Chest.