Basic Approach

The ANA Group established the "ANA Group Environmental Principles" in 1998 and the "ANA Group Environmental Policies" in 2017, and considers the achievement of environmental targets to solve environmental issues and biodiversity conservation as important management issues. In March 2018, we became the first Japanese airline to sign the "Buckingham Palace Declaration," which aims to eradicate illegal wildlife trade as recommended by IATA. We are promoting biodiversity initiatives by preventing the transport of alien species, providing transportation that takes into consideration the protection of rare species, and strengthening border measures in our business activities of transportation. In addition, we have formulated the ANA Group Supplier Code of Conduct for all suppliers of services and products that support our airline business, to ensure that they understand our biodiversity initiatives.
The ANA CEO's Declaration "Eco-First Promise" has been certified by the Minister of the Environment to promote activities for biodiversity. As a corporate member of WWF Japan since May 2022, ANA Group supports WWF's environmental conservation activities and promotes biodiversity conservation activities through its business activities.

ANA Group Environmental Policies
ANA Group, recognizing the global environmental issues, including global warming and the conservation of biodiversity, as a quintessential management task, aims to be an "Environmental Leading Airline Group" through all engaged activities.

  1. We will precisely grasp and analyze the impact of our business activities on the environment, and disclose it to society.
  2. We will promote environmental preservation in line with social needs that go above and beyond the pertinent laws and regulations, through widespread conversations with stakeholders.
  3. We will promote measures to reduce the environmental impact in all related businesses and operations, and we actively pursue possibilities of new technologies and services for this purpose.
  4. We will constantly pay close attention to the environmental consideration of supply-chains, and promote the environment-conscious procurement.
  5. We will intensify the "3R" (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle) activities and waste management in an effort to contribute to the creation of a recycling society.
  6. We will encourage our workforce to engage in environmental preservation activities, raising each and every employee's awareness and consciousness.

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ANA Group Environmental Targets and Biodiversity

In April 2021, the ANA Group declared its commitment to carbon neutrality by fiscal 2050 in its "2050 Environmental Goals" and formulated its "2030 Environmental Targets" to reduce its environmental impact. We believe that achieving our environmental goals through our business activities will lead to stopping climate change, protecting the environment, and preserving ecosystems. The ANA Group's environmental goals include not only the realization of a decarbonized society, but also targets to reduce food loss and resource (plastic and paper) use. Reducing CO2 emissions mitigates climate change and protects living organisms from disasters. Reducing waste preserves ecosystems. Reducing paper use will also halt deforestation, protect oxygen-producing forests, and conserve the ecosystems that inhabit them. In this way, we are striving to achieve our environmental goals, recognizing that everything is a part of a cycle.

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ANA Group Environmental Targets

ANA Group Biodiversity Conservation Activities

Natural disasters associated with climate change often affect the destinations where disasters occur. Protecting the ecosystems of oceans and forests will help preserve the natural environment and reduce the occurrence of and damage from disasters. The ANA Group is involved in biodiversity conservation activities related to "oceans and forests.

Biodiversity Conservation Activities

The ANA Group promotes activities to conserve biodiversity.

Biodiversity Conservation Activities