Regional Revitalization

We will pursue our corporate activities while placing importance on our relationships with local communities, and contribute to expanding interaction among people, and revitaling the local economy.

Contributions to SDGs


Basic Approach

While Japan's traditional culture and tourist attractions are gaining worldwide attention, there are concerns within the country about the declining population of regional cities and the decline of traditional industries. The ANA Group aims to develop long-term demand for our aviation business in collaboration with other companies, NGOs, NPOs, and local governments. By utilizing various resources beyond air transportation, and through solving social issues and contributing to society, we will help revitalize regional economies.

Implementation Structure

The ANA Group Regional Revitalization Meeting, under the Tourism Development section of ANA Marketing and Sales, organically integrates initiatives across Group companies to maximize impact. This meeting is responsible for advancing strategies that promote tourism for regional revitalization.

ANA Sales Domestic Branch offices, the ANA Tourism Action Department, and Group Regional Revitalization Meetings are held in cooperation with ANA Holdings. ANA Sales Domestic Branches and the ANA Tourism Action Department collaborate with regional governments and Destination Management Organizations (DMO). ANA Sales Domestic Branch cooperates with the ANA Tourism Action Department. The ANA Tourism Action Department, which consists of a tourism promotion team and a tourism contact team, carries out development actions in collaboration with central government ministries and agencies through the Group Regional Revitalization Conference, as follows. The ANA Research Institute provides temporary personnel, consulting, and surveys. ANA ShojiTrading Co.,Ltd. a unit of ANA Holdings Inc., is involved in media advertising for the ANA group, local tax payments and sales of goods. ANA Sales does planning, campaigns and sales of travel-related merchandise. ANA Business Solutions provides the knowledge from the ANA Group. ANA Cargo is expanding exports of regional products. All ANA departments and branches in charge of overseas promotion helps attract visitors to Japan. Group companies are working together in cooperation with each other.

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