Where exactly is Setouchi?

The Seto Inland Sea is located between the Honshu and Shikoku regions, with the coastal areas also commonly referred to as ‘Setouchi’. Home to over a thousand islands, both big and small, the Seto Inland Sea is well-known for its outstanding natural beauty with spectacular sea and mountain views abound.

[Map] Honshu, Shikoku and Seto Inland Sea

The Setouchi Islands were selected as the Best Destination to Visit in 2019.

As ranked in major international media channels such as the NY Times and National Geographic.

[Photo] Landscape of islands in the Setouchi

How to get there?

It takes about 80 minutes to get to Takamatsu Airport, which is located within the Setouchi area, from Haneda Airport. The limousine bus ride from Takamatsu Airport to Takamatsu Port takes about 45 minutes. From there, you can get to the Setouchi Islands by ferry.

  • 6 Daily Flights from Haneda to Takamatsu

Haneda Airport

[Icon] Airplane
Domestic Flight
About 80mins

Takamatsu Airport

[Icon] Bus
Limousine bus
About 45mins

Takamatsu Station

[Icon] Walk
About 5mins

Takamatsu Port

[Icon] Ferry
To each island

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Worth USD27 *Available only for passengers using the ANA Haneda-Takamatsu Route

SETOUCHI triennale 2019

Summer Gatherings:
July 19th - Aug 25th
Fall Expansions:
Sep 28th - Nov 4th

The Setouchi Triennale 2019 takes place in the picturesque setting of the Seto Inland Sea, mostly around the islands of Kagawa and Okayama. The theme this year is the Restoration of the Sea, and it aims to revitalize the island communities that once thrived in this beautiful natural environment and to transform the region into a Sea of Hope.


What to do in Setouchi

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