Received the Minister of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism Award at the 31st Grand Prize for the Global Environment Award!


ANA received the Minister of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism Award at the 31st Grand Prize for the Global Environment Award.
The Grand Prize for the Global Environment Award was established in 1992 by the Fuji Sankei Group with the aim of promoting industrial development and coexistence with the global environment.

Points evaluated

ANA Group launched "ANA Future Promise" in June 2021 as an activity to " Promise" to continue to grow as a company toward the achievement of SDGs together with customers and society, aiming to realize a sustainable society in the "Future", and is promoting it in the Group.
In October 2022, we started operation of the specially painted "ANA Green Jet" as a symbol of "ANA Future Promise" and a place to put our activities into practice. We are implementing various measures, including the use of in-flight service supplies made of sustainable materials and flight operations aimed at reducing CO₂ emissions.
Among these measures, we received particularly high evaluations for the test installation of "Riblet film," the introduction of "vegan leather" headrest covers made from plant-derived raw materials, and the establishment of a recycling scheme for air cargo plastic sheets.

What is a "Riblet film"?

Shark Skin and Riblet Film

"Riblet film" is a film with the rough skin of a shark. Sharks minimize energy expenditure when swimming by using this rough skin to reduce water resistance. This film has been jointly developed with Nikon for use on aircraft to reduce aerodynamic resistance, improve fuel efficiency, and reduce CO₂ emissions, and was introduced on a trial basis on the fuselage surface of ANA Green Jet, a first for a Japanese airline and a world first for a passenger aircraft. After several years of technical verification of durability, etc., we aim to expand the use of the film to other aircraft.
If 80% of the surface of the aircraft is covered with this "Riblet Film," fuel efficiency will be improved by approximately 2%, and if the film is applied to all ANA aircraft, annual CO₂ emissions will be reduced by approximately 300,000 tons, or 124,000 kiloliters of jet fuel (equivalent to about 260 25-meter pools).

What is a "vegan leather" headrest cover?

Two types of vegan leather headrest covers

Vegan leather refers to man-made leather made from plant-derived materials without using animal skins. It is attracting attention from the perspectives of environmental friendliness and animal protection.

The bright green headrest covers are made of a new material called Ultrasuede nu by Toray Industries, Inc.
This is a cutting-edge artificial leather that uses sugar cane and castor oil as part of its raw materials, raising the ratio of plant-derived materials to the world's highest level.

The headrest covers with "water and green" motifs, which are also used in the aircraft design, are made of a new material called RINGO-TEX by appcycle Inc. appcycle Inc. is a start-up company established in Aomori that produces synthetic leather blended with powdered apple juice pomace made from Aomori apples. By collaborating with companies that are rooted in the local community, we are also working to create local development.

Recycling of Plastic Sheets for Air Cargo

Cargo covered with plastic sheets.

Cargo carried on board airplanes is covered with large plastic sheets to prevent them from getting wet or dirty. Until now, once used, plastic sheets have been discarded, but we have launched a recycling scheme jointly with Sojitz Pla-Net Corporation/ ANA Cargo Inc. to collect and recycle plastic sheets and remanufacture them into plastic sheets for air cargo once again.
The establishment of a resource recycling scheme in which waste plastic is recycled and reused back in the company is the first and most advanced initiative of its kind among Japanese airlines.

We will continue to promote sustainable activities and contribute to the realization of a sustainable society with the understanding and cooperation of our customers and society.