Adopting new in-flight meal trays made from "plant-based materials"


ANA has introduced meal trays made from "plant-based materials". The new meal trays introduced beginning in August 2021 for economy class meals on international flights.

Photos of the current and new tray for international economy class meals side by side.

The new plant-based trays have been tested dozens of times, and meet strict safety and hygiene requirements in various environments such as on the ground and in the sky. 
Customers can enjoy their in-flight meals just as before.

Photos of the two new trays in different colors
  • * Food may be stained on the lid, but it does not affect the quality of the meal.

How much impact does it have on the environment?

By simply replacing the plastic meal trays, the amount of disposable plastic used by ANA for inflight services will be reduced by about 30 percent, an amount that was equal to 317 tons during fiscal 2019.

317 tons is equivalent to two B777-300 aircraft (approx. 160 tons)

In 2020, ANA introduced plastic-free cutlery and straws, reducing the amount of plastic used by 25 tons compared to the previous year.

25 tons is equivalent to 12,500 2L plastic bottles of water.
Photo of Wooden Fork and Knife.

The reduced use of plastic is central to ANA's 2050 ESG initiatives and the airline will continue exploring areas where it can reduce consumption and waste.