Vienna International Airport

Traveling to and from Vienna International Airport

On this page, you will find the information you need to easily make your way through Vienna International Airport to your destination.

Guide to Austria’s Vienna International Airport

Arrival and departure terminal maps and other information for navigating Vienna International Airport.

Instructions for Vienna International Airport

Traveling Between Schengen Countries

The establishment of the EU and the Schengen Agreement has simplified entry and departure procedures within Europe. Once a Japanese national has arrived at one of the Schengen countries, travel within that country is treated as “internal domestic” travel. The following entry and departure procedures apply to passengers traveling from one Schengen country to another Schengen country.

  • Entry:
    • Taken only in the first country of arrival.
    • Customs inspection for carry-on baggage is made at the first country of arrival and at the final destination for checked-in baggage.
  • Departure:
    • Taken only in the last Schengen country to be departed from.
    • The Customs inspection is made at the destination country.