Train Trip in Kansai: Yoshinoyama High-quality Adult Trip of Japan's Four Seasons on a Luxury Tourist Express

Encounter the beauty of Japan at the World Heritage Site of Mount Yoshino and Asuka, the first Imperial capital of Japan.

Although Yoshinoyama is known as the best place to look at cherry blossoms in Japan, it is appealing throughout the four seasons, as the mountains are painted red with crimson leaves in the autumn. On this route, you can fully enjoy Japan's four seasons through various experiences, such as Asuka that is full of Japanese history, as well as Yoshinoyama, aboard a luxury tourist limited express train.

(map) Nara Nara

Kintetsu Railway

You can visit Asuka and Yoshino from Osaka and Kyoto on the Kintetsu Railway. Convenient and economical passes can be purchased by tourists from overseas.

Blue Symphony limited express sightseeing train

The Blue Symphony is a limited express sightseeing train that runs between Abenobashi Station in Osaka and Yoshino in Nara. Designed to provide a luxurious adult travel experience, all seating on this train is deluxe seating. In the cafe car, you can enjoy sweets and snacks from well-known shops along the railway line, as well as local sake from Yoshino.

Hanayagura View Point

One of the best vantage points on Mount Yoshino. It overlooks the Kamisenbon and Nakasenbon areas, and in spring you can enjoy a panoramic view of cherry blossoms blooming in Shimosenbon.

TSUJIMURA & Café Kiton

At this cafe, you can enjoy elegant Yoshino kudzu sweets and delicious Yamato tea. The warm wooden interior creates a relaxing atmosphere. Lunch is also available exclusively on Saturdays and Sundays.

Scenic Inn Hounkan

Located in Kami Senbon, the highlands of Mount Yoshino, this inn offers sweeping views of the mountain's cherry blossom trees from its rooms and picturesque outdoor hot springs. Guests can also enjoy the changing of the seasons, with wonderful views of autumn leaves and winter snow.

Kimpusen-ji Temple (Zao Hall)

About 34-meter in height, Kimpusen-ji Temple is the second tallest ancient wooden structure in the world, after Todai-ji Temple's Daibutsu-den Hall. The temple has become a symbol of Mount Yoshino. A Buddhist liturgy in morning is something very special that only people staying on Mount Yoshino can experience. It is highly recommended.

Asuka Village

Asuka Village is thought to have been the site of the first city in Japan, built here about 1,400 years ago. Even today, many ancient burial mounds and ruins from that time remain. It is also worth taking a trip to the Inabuchi Rice Terraces, selected as one of Japan's top 100 rice terraces.


Hyakurakusou is a Japanese-style restaurant set amid a 33,000-square-meter garden. You can enjoy various aspects of Japanese culture, including Japanese-style banquets that collect the best of Japanese cuisine. You can also experience a tea ceremony or try making tea whisks.

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How to Get There

Kansai International Airport and Osaka ltami Airport provide convenient access to the Kansai area. There are lots of flights to both of these airports from Tokyo.


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