Recommended Sightseeing Spots in Makinohara, Shizuoka Tour the largest tea plantation in Japan and cruise along the 15 km coastal road with a view of Mount Fuji

Enjoy marine sports in the shallow blue waters and relax at the fragrant green tea plantation

Makinohara’s warm climate and long daylight hours create an ideal environment for its thriving tea cultivation industry. In addition, visitors can enjoy various marine sports, such as surfing and stand-up paddleboarding at the two swimming beaches, as well as Japan’s first large-scale surf wave pool frequented by surf athletes.

(map) Makinohara,Tokyo Makinohara Tokyo

Surf Stadium Shizunami PerfectSwell (R)

Opened in 2021, Japan’s first large-scale surf wave pool creates high-quality waves using state-of-the-art technology catering to all levels ranging from beginners to professionals.

Shizunami Beach

This popular swimming beach attracts visitors from across the country. The shallow waters with moderate waves and well-maintained facilities make this a family-friendly beach. It is also a popular surfing location, with numerous surfers coming to ride the waves throughout the year.

Ogane's Residence

The historic village head residence was built approximately 300 years ago, and part of the building has been designated as a national important cultural property. Beautiful seasonal flowers decorate the spacious grounds, and the hills behind the house provide a sweeping view of Mount Fuji and Suruga Bay.

Sagara Sun Beach

The shallow swimming beach with calm waves is great for families with small children. Enjoy an amazing view of the green pines and Mount Fuji against the white sands. It is also the venue of Japan’s only horse racing event run on the beach.

Sagara Koumare Onsen Kaikan

This daytrip hot spring facility nestled in a rich natural environment is well-known as a hot spring of longevity, childbearing and safe childbirth. Its waters flowing directly from the source are also popular among visitors seeking relief from nerve and joint pains. Relax in the outdoor bath, restaurant and resting area.

Grinpia Makinohara

Explore the world of tea cultivation at this tourist facility operated by a tea wholesaler. Try your hand at tea-leaf picking in the vast tea plantation, tour the tea factory and shop for souvenirs including various tea leaves and tea-flavored chocolates. Be sure to taste the matcha gelato made with real matcha produced in Shizuoka Prefecture.

Makinohara Tea Plantations

One of the country’s largest tea plantations spreads along the Makinohara Plateau. In the spring, the hills of the plantation are covered in beautiful green tea leaves. The local specialty green tea Shizuoka Makinohara-cha is mainly enjoyed as deep-steamed tea, and is highly acclaimed for its quality and flavor.

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