Discover the World Heritages of Kagoshima Kagoshima and Yakushima:
Take a journey to feel the blessings of the volcanos and ancient forests

Feel the energy of the earth, sea and people in Kagoshima

Along with three World Heritage sites, the active volcano Sakurajima erupts with thick smoke to this day. Mingle with the people of Kagoshima who coexist harmoniously with nature. Experience the unique food culture such as shochu liquor and black sugar, or indulge in a sand bath created from the offerings of the volcano. Embark on a journey to find the yet to be seen, undiscovered side of Japan.

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A timeless landmark of Kagoshima, the world-famous active volcano is still erupting plumes of ashes today and is located just a 15-minute ferry ride away from the city center. Feel the Earth's tremendous energy as you enjoy the amazing mountain views from the observatory and relax in the foot bath by the sea.

Sengan-en Garden

One of Kagoshima's top tourist attractions, Sengan-en was registered as a World Cultural Heritage site as one of the Sites of Japan's Meiji (1868–1912) Industrial Revolution. In addition to the spacious Japanese garden facing the beautiful Sakurajima and the elegant former residence of a samurai lord, there are various restaurants and gift shops available.

Satsuma Kinzan-gura shochu distillery

From preparations to storing and maturing, authentic shochu liquor distilling is conducted in the former gold mining cave of Kushikino, which once boasted one of the world's top gold production. Ride the trolley through the mining cave and see the shochu distillery up close, then go back above ground and enjoy shopping for shochu and other local specialties.

Ibusuki natural sand bath

Located at the southern tip of Kagoshima Prefecture, Ibusuki is famous for the world's only natural sand bath, in which you bury your body in the sand warmed by the hot spring gushing out on the beach. Numerous beauty and diet aficionados visit Ibusuki to experience this unique bathing method.

Shiratani Unsuikyo ravine (Yakushima)

Shiratani Unsuikyo is a popular spot on Yakushima Island, the first World Natural Heritage site listed in Japan. Yakusugi cedars over 1,000 years old and the mystical atmosphere of the forests are said to have been the inspiration for the deep ancient woods featured in the animated film “Princess Mononoke.”

Anbo River kayaking (Yakushima)

Called the island of waters, Yakushima has pristine, life-nurturing streams flowing throughout the island. The Anbo River is a beautiful gorge surrounded by a broadleaf evergreen forest, with gently flowing waters that are suitable for even kayak beginners.

Ohko Waterfall (Yakushima)

Selected as one of Japan's best 100 waterfalls, Ohko Waterfall is the tallest on the island, dropping at a steep descent of 88 meters high. The stunning amount of water cascading from a cliff raising sprays of mist creates a breathtaking scene all around you.

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