Summer in Hokkaido Shiretoko Five Lakes and
Kushiro Shitsugen Wetlands

Feel the majestic wilderness - Touring northeast Hokkaido in the summer

This is our recommended itinerary for nature-lovers in the lush greenery of summer. You can enjoy the views from the Kushiro Wetlands observation deck, visit Akanko (Lake Akan) - famous for being the home of Marimo, and explore the mysterious Mashuko (Lake Mashu). Furthermore, bring on Oshinkoshin Waterfall and Shiretoko Five Lakes where you visit the World Natural Heritage site at Shiretoko National Park.

(map) Shiretoko, Kushiro Shiretoko Kushiro

Kushiroshitsugen National Park

Japan's largest wetlands with unending, sprawling views.

Lake Akan

See views of the towering Mount Oakandake and meet the Marimo.

Lake Mashu

Japan's clearest lake, cloaked in mist.

Oshinkoshin Waterfall

Also known as the Futami Falls, see this impressive waterfall and enjoy the view from the observation deck at the top.

Shiretoko Five Lakes

Stroll among a dreamlike world of magical World Natural Heritage sites.

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