New Chitose Airport

Traveling to and From New Chitose Airport

On this page, you will find the information you need to easily make your way through New Chitose Airport to your destination.

Guide to Japan's New Chitose Airport

Arrival and departure terminal maps and other information for navigating New Chitose Airport.

Sales Hours for Flight Tickets

6:30 a.m. to 9:25 p.m. (JST)

  • * Some airport counters are either closed temporarily or operating at different hours.

Airport Map

Arrival Terminal
Arrival map of New Chitose airport

The baggage drop-off counters are located on the 2nd floor.

Departure Terminal
Departure map of New Chitose airport

Please use Departure Security Check “B” or “C”.

Public Transportation
Map to train platform from New Chitose airport

Airport Information


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City Information on Sapporo

Sapporo, which covers about the same area as Hong Kong, is the prefectural capital of Hokkaido and is the northernmost city in Japan as designated by government ordinance. With 1,967,437 people (as of February 1, 2024), it is the fourth most populous city in Japan.
The average temperature throughout the year is 9.5°C. The average summer temperature is 22.5°C, which is lower than that of Honshu, but because the humidity is also low it makes for pleasant summers. On the other hand, the average winter temperature is -7°C and there is a lot of snow. Since strong snow measures such as snow removal are taken in the city of Sapporo, you will not have much trouble with snow if you visit Sapporo in the winter for sightseeing. However, during the winter, the inside of buildings are well heated and the temperature difference from inside to outside is somewhat extreme, so it is advisable to wear clothes that are easy to layer.

Speaking of Sapporo's regular sightseeing spots, the first is Odori Park. It is known as the venue for the Sapporo Snow Festival, which has evolved into a global event. Although it is located in the office district in the center of the city, it has grassy areas, trees, and fountains, and is popular as a place of relaxation for tourists as well as residents. Seasonal non-winter events such as the Lilac Festival in spring, the Beer Garden in summer, and the Autumn Fest in autumn are held and are always busy. Moerenuma Park is a beautiful park where nature fuses with art. Its basic design was by Isamu Noguchi, a representative sculptor of the 20th century. From the summit of Mt. Moiwa you can enjoy a panoramic view of the city of Sapporo. Part of the mountain is covered by moiwa primeval forest, a national natural treasure. It is one of the best night view spots in Japan, where you will be fascinated by the glittering night lights that spread out before your eyes. Other sites to see are historic buildings such as Hokkaido Shrine and the Former Hokkaido Government Building, as well as Okurayama Lookout and Miyanomori Jump Stadium used at the 1972 Sapporo Olympic Winter Games for which the facilities, etc., still remain. In addition, there are many slopes within an hour's drive from the city. Feel free to enjoy winter sports in the best powder snow. One of the most fun parts of sightseeing in Sapporo is the food! Agriculture, dairy farming, and fishing are thriving industries in Hokkaido and delicious ingredients are brought to Sapporo from around the island. Ramen, soup curry, and Genghis Khan are representative dishes of Sapporo that use such ingredients. In addition, sushi and seafood bowls that use the freshest of seafood are also must-try dishes.

From New Chitose Airport (CTS) to Sapporo City


From New Chitose Airport Station to Sapporo Station
JR Chitose Line / JR Rapid Airport
Time required : JR Chitose Line approx. 51 minutes, JR Rapid Airport approx. 37 minutes
Fare : 1,150 yen
Operating hours : 6:38-23:21


From New Chitose Airport to central Sapporo (via Fukuzumi Station)
Time required : Approximately 1 hour and 14 minutes

Hokkaido Chuo Bus

Fare : 1,300 yen
Operating hours : 8:40-22:55

Hokuto Kotsu

Fare : 1,300 yen
Operating hours : 8:40-22:55


Taxi Stand : Taxis always wait at international terminal building "80" or domestic terminal buildings "11" and "17". Sightseeing taxis and jumbo taxis can be arranged at the arrival lobby information center.
Estimated fare : 11,900 yen to Sapporo station (in the case of a flat-rate taxi), about 8,000 yen to Tomakomai station.
Time required : Approximately 1 hour and 20 minutes to Sapporo; approximately 40 minutes to Tomakomai.
Operating hours : 24 hours

Rental Car

Information services are provided at the rent-A-Car counter on the 1st floor of the terminal building.
Business hours : Depending on each rental car company: Toyota Rent-A-Car and Nissan Rent-A-Car are open from 8:00 to 20:00, and Honda Rent-A-Car from 9:00 to 18:00.

  • * Reception hours are subject to change. Please contact your rental car company.