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Towada Hotel and Lake Towada

A luxurious hotel overlooking Lake Towada, overwhelmingly scenic beauty all year round

This prestigious hotel is a National Tangible Cultural Property situated by beautiful Lake Towada and is located on the border of Akita and Aomori prefectures. It is a caldera lake formed during a volcanic eruption that occurred 200,000 years ago. Lake Towada, the third deepest lake in Japan with a depth of 327 meters, offers spectacular mirrored views of the surrounding landscape: lush greens in summer, colorful trees on lakeside mountains in autumn, and the serenity of snow-covered trees in winter. All of these views can be enjoyed from every room of Towada Hotel.

Towada Hotel: A sophisticated and prestigious resort hotel with a long history

Towada Hotel opened in 1939 as a resort hotel targeting foreign tourists when hotels of this kind were rare. This wooden three-story building is a National Tangible Cultural Property, elaborately constructed out of massive natural Akita cedar trees. The interior, designed with a variety of wooden features, provides the kind of sophisticated atmosphere in keeping with its long history of hosting a number of important dignitaries. Another distinctive feature of this hotel is the view of beautiful Towada Lake from every room. Although the hotel was renovated in 1998 with an extension that includes Western-style guest rooms and communal areas, the great majority of traditional features were retained in order to allow the building to continue to harmonize with the natural environment and enhance the comfort of the guests. The hotel is closed during the winter months (early November to late April).

Towada Lake observatories

There are a number of observatories around Towada Lake to showcase one of the most beautiful views in the Tohoku Region. The Hakka Pass Observatory, located at the endpoint of the Jukai Line road at a height of 631 meters above sea level, offers the most spectacular view with the Somma volcano at the forefront and Mount Kushigamine of the southern Hakkoda Mountain Range as a backdrop. The Shimeitei Observatory at an elevation of 630 meters is also popular for viewing the heart-shaped lake. This peaceful viewing area has a stone signpost with an inscription declaring Towada Lake as one of the top eight landscapes of Japan.


Name Towada Hotel and Lake Towada
Website https://www.akitafan.com/en/archive/tourism/831
Address Towada-ko Nishi-kohan, Kosaka-machi, Kazuno-gun, Akita
Access Approximately 50 minutes' drive from the Kosaka IC on the Tohoku Expressway
Closed Closed during the winter months
Inquiries TEL: 0176-75-1122

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