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Omagari Hanabi-National fireworks competition

Japan's top competition where pyrotechnicians compete for their skills

The national fireworks competition, representing Japanese tradition and high skills, is the most prestigious competition in Japan were selected top pyrotechnicians from all over the country compete for their skills. Located on the riverside and with a mountain in the background, it has the best environment for fireworks viewing, enabling you to experience the impressive sound and light.

Hanabi Tradition and Culture Preservation Museum (Hanabi-um)

The Hanabi Tradition and Culture Preservation Museum (Hanabi-um) is a facility where you can experience and learn about the history of Japan's fireworks, which have flourished as a unique and exquisite culture. At the Hanabi theater in the facility, a high-definition movie is projected on a total of four screens at the front, on the sides, and above, letting visitors have an impressive experience as if surrounded by fireworks. A workshop in which you can create your original fireworks design model and display it on the screen is also popular.

Fireworks show that can be enjoyed throughout the four seasons

Known as the city of fireworks, Daisen City holds big fireworks shows every season other than the national fireworks competition in summer. They are held at the same venue but each one with a different theme. At the beginning of May, the spring chapter is held under the theme "fireworks in Japan and the world," while the autumn chapter held at the beginning of October lets you enjoy a theatrical show with a collaboration of fireworks and music. The winter chapter held at the end of March is a competition of skills and creativity by selected young pyrotechnicians from all over Japan.


Name Omagari Hanabi-National fireworks competition
Website https://stayakita.com/things-to-do/things-to-do-443
Address Riverbank, Omonogawa, Omagari, Daisen-shi, Akita (Omagari Hanabi Park)
Access Approximately 30 minutes' walk from Omagari Station on the JR Ouu Main Line and JR Akita Shinkansen
Business Hours Every year on the last Saturday of August
Inquiries TEL: 0187-88-8073 (Omagari Chamber of Commerce & Industry Fireworks Promotion Department)

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