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Marusei Fruit Farm

Seasonal fruit picking in Fukushima, the Fruit Kingdom of Japan

Fukushima produces a wide variety of fruits, and there is even a road called Fruits Line, along which a number of fruit farms are in operation. The Marusei Fruit Farm on the Peach Line road offers not only a fruit picking experience but also a cafe called Mori-no-Garden, serving sweets featuring seasonal fruits. The farm is also a great place to stroll, with lovely walks beside a stream and a heart-shaped pond alive with colorful carp and ducks. It is certified by both the GGAP and ASIAGAP, the guarantors of safe agricultural products.

Akatsuki peaches, one of the top brands in Fukushima

"Fruit Kingdom" Fukushima is one of the top producers of peaches in Japan. The Akatsuki variety, well known as being offered to the Emperor, is a hybrid of Hakuho and Hakuto peaches, developed by a farmer in Fukushima. It is cultivated without the usual bagging method, therefore receiving a full amount of sunlight to achieve a higher level of sweetness compared to other varieties. The name Akatsuki is taken from a traditional festival called Shinobu-Sanzan Akatsuki Mairi.


Name Marusei Fruit Farm
Website (In Japanese) https://www.maruseifukushima.com/
Address 27-1 Mori, Hirano, Iizaka-machi, Fukushima-shi, Fukushima
Access Approximately 5 minutes' drive from the Iizaka IC on the Tohoku Expressway
Approximately 20 minutes' walk from Ioji-mae Station on the Fukushima Kotsu (train)
Business Hours Mid-July to early September (peach picking season)
Opening hours: 8:00 to 17:00
Inquiries TEL: 024-541-4465

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