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The Oza-Toro-Tembo Train

Enjoy the gorgeous nature of Aizuwakamatsu on the Oza-Toro-Tembo Train that combines tatami-mat seating, an observation deck and a trolley-style car

Enjoy the beautiful views of the traditional Japanese landscape in the Aizu region from the Oza-Toro-Tembo sightseeing train while relaxing in an "ozashiki" tatami-mat room. The train runs slowly along the Aizu Railway tracks between Aizu-wakamatsu and Aizu-Tajima stations, making short stops at scenic spots en route. You will never get bored, as the train travels through the scenic countryside and keeps entertaining you with beautiful vistas and stunning scenery as well as fun and surprising services. Along the railway line are also several popular tourist destinations such as Ouchi-juku, a former post town, and To-no-Hetsuri crags. It is also a great transportation means to Aizuwakamatsu.

A unique train with fun features

The Oza-Toro-Tembo is a train fun to ride with unique features. The train has three types of seats: the "torokko," or trolley-style, "ozashiki" tatami-mat room and "tembo," which is an observation deck. Feel the gentle breeze of nature in the trolley car, which has windows open from spring through autumn, or sit around the horigotatsu table with a recessed floor beneath so that you can stretch out your legs and relax. The observation deck car has reclining seats set higher up than other seats, allowing you to revel in the beautiful scenery in a relaxed state of body and mind. Another unique and fun feature is the tunnel theater in which a projector attached to the train displays animations on the tunnel walls so that passengers can even enjoy the darkness as the train travels along the Aizu Railway tracks with many tunnels.

Nearby tourist attractions

Designated as a National Natural Monument, To-no-Hetsuri located within a five-minute walk from Tonohetsuri Station offers magnificent scenery of oddly shaped rocks carved away over a million years of natural erosion and weathering. Ouchi-juku, a former post town that still retains a traditional townscape from the Edo Period (1603-1868), can be accessed by the Saruyugo Bus from Yunokami Onsen Station, which is known for its rare thatched roof station building. There is an "irori" open hearth and a foot bath at the station, creating a quaint atmosphere which evokes a nostalgic feeling. Also, don't forget to greet the world-famous cat stationmaster that welcomes you at Ashinomaki Onsen Station.


Name The Oza-Toro-Tembo Train
Website (In Japanese) http://www.aizutetsudo.jp/trip/ozatoro/
Address 1-4 Zaimoku-machi, Aizuwakamatsu-shi, Fukushima
Access Within Nishi-Wakamatsu Station
Inquiries TEL: 0242-28-5885 (Aizu Railway)

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