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Miyagi Olle Kesennuma/Karakuwa Course

An amazing trekking course that offers a number of breathtaking views accompanied by the calming sound of waves on the shore

"Olle" is a trekking course originally started in Jeju Island in South Korea. It means a narrow alleyway between the street and someone's doorstep in the dialect of the island. The Kesennuma/Karakuwa course is designed to explore a small peninsula located at the northeastern corner of Miyagi Prefecture, featuring a variety of amazing views, such as the Sanriku Geopark that includes a long stretch of ria coastline with seasonal plants and flowers.

Osaki Shrine

Situated in a deep forest, Osaki Shrine has a long history of over 1,000 years and is believed to bring good fortune for marriages and fishing. There is a stone signpost on the grounds to indicate a mound enshrining whales, which were believed to be messengers sent from the gods. There are over 70 shrines in the Karakuwa district, as this area has a distinctive culture of visiting shrines while praying for the safety of those at sea. The Olle course includes a route used by seafarers' wives when they visited shrines to pray for their husbands who were away working on boats.


Sanriku Fukko (reconstruction) National Park offers stunning views of the extraordinary, strangely shaped rocks created by waves that pound the rugged ria coastline. Oreishi is one of the most amazing spots, featuring a 16-meter-high marble pillar whose top part was lost when a huge tsunami hit in 1896. This area has been plagued by a large-scale tsunami almost every 37 years, and the local people have learned through this long history of experiences that it is not possible to go against nature.


Name Miyagi Olle Kesennuma/Karakuwa Course
Website https://www.miyagiolle.jp/en/course/kesennuma/
Address 4-3 Sakihama, Karakuwa-cho, Kesennuma-shi, Miyagi
Access Approximately 45 minutes by Miyako Bus from JR Kesennuma Station
Approximately 30 minutes' drive from the Kesennuma-Chuo IC on the Sanriku Expressway
Business Hours 8:30 to 16:30 (Karakuwa Peninsula Visitor Center)
Closed Tuesdays (Karakuwa Peninsula Visitor Center)
Inquiries TEL: 0226-32-3029 (Karakuwa Peninsula Visitor Center, Karakuwa Town Tourist Association)
Admission Free

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