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Aone Onsen

A historical hot spring resort in the Zao mountain range with abundant hot water

Founded in 1528, Aone Onsen in Miyagi Prefecture is a historic hot spring resort that became a recreational facility for the Date family, the lord of the Sendai Domain, during the Edo period (1603-1868). The resort has also been loved by many famous writers and artists, and the Aone motif has been left in various works of art in music and poetry.

Aone Hot Spring Snow Light Festival

In this romantic festival unique to the quiet mountain hot spring that becomes snowbound in winter, the local people and children build numerous small snow shrines and light candles inside. The fantastic night scenery of candles glimmering in the pure white snow can make you forget the cold. After warming your heart with the delicate candlelight, be sure to warm your body at the nearby hot spring public bathhouse "Jappo no Yu."


Name Aone Onsen
Website http://japan.miyagi-kankou.or.jp.e.afh.hp.transer.com/theme/detail.php?id=14487
Address 10-1 Aone Onsen, Kawasaki-machi, Shibata-gun, Miyagi (Kawasaki-machi Aone Onsen Tourism Center)
Access Approximately 70 minutes' drive from Sendai Station on the JR Tohoku Shinkansen
Business Hours Differs depending on facility.
Closed Differs depending on facility.
Inquiries TEL: 0224-84-2111 (Kawasaki-machi Regional Development Office)
Admission Differs depending on facility.

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